Young Jeezy Speaks About The Recession
July 2nd, 2008 | Author: ------

Though “Recession” is the title for Young Jeezy’s third studio album due out this summer, it’s not the only one that he is concerned with.

Speaking on the effects of the recession draining our current economy on USDATV, Young Jeezy related his feelings to the streets and how what used to be attainable is now a mess. “You look at things that you bought at the time because everything was so good, and you say, ‘Damn I gotta have that or I gotta have this,’ and it’s all for another nigga to see. But, at the end of the day when you go home and you can’t deal with that shit cause you stressed and can’t pay your bills, it’s a whole ‘nother thing.”

Jeezy based his reasoning for its consequences on the recession’s unavoidable marking among all people. “The Recession is real, you can’t ignore it. No matter all the playoff games going on, all the media shit going on, that’s just entertainment. When it’s said and done and you cut your lights off at night and lay down in bed, you got some shit on your mind.”

Still, even with the turmoil, Jeezy believes there’s a way to reach the people; through music. “The world is crazy right now. There’s a lot of financial things going on, there’s a lot of poverty going on. There’s a lot of people stressed out for all the wrong reasons. People need their savior, they need somebody to come in. For the first time in life, I ain’t ever seen it this bad, and I just feel that needs to be addressed through music. I don’t think me talking about my rolex right now is appropriate, or my car. I think right now at this point in time, you gotta give people hope, you gotta motivate them.”

The Recession is looking at a late-August release.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.