It's been a turbulent year for Trick Daddy, one in which saw the Miami rapper depart from his long-time home, Slip-N-Slide Records. In this SOHH exclusive, the southern hip-hop staple opens up about leaving Slip-N-Slide, his new deal with Cash Money and why Trick still loves the kids.

Last fall after nearly a decade of being the flagship artist of Slip-N-Slide records, rumors began to circulate over Trick's discontent with the label. According to Slip-N-Slide CEO, Ted Lucas, the root of the rapper's displeasure stemmed from several disputes with how parent label, Atlantic Records, handled his last project, Back By Thug Demand. The album's lack of sales resulted in Trick's departure...

"Now, there's no one to blame," Trick told SOHH. "No one holding me back and nobody trying to come up off me. Trick is now a grown man. Trick has moved on in life. I sleep better, I think clearer and I'm still going to give you the hits."

Today, Trick is finally at peace. Recently, launching his own imprint Dunk Ryder Records, the Miami bad boy has aligned with Cash Money Record's Bryan"Baby" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams in a joint venture deal to release his group, The Dunk Ryders. Comprised of Iceberg Billion, Lil Fella and Soup - Trick's younger brother, who is currently incarcerated- the deal with Cash Money is one step in Trick controlling his own destiny.

"I'm signed to my own independent label now, [and] I plan to release my next album independently so I can own something," Trick explained. "I don't own none of the masters and I did seven albums. It's [was] like you already got rich off me, at least can I get my masters? Now, I'll be able to own all that and control my own destiny!"

With his future solidified, the "Mayor of Dade County" continues to give back to the community through his Trick Luvs Da Kids Foundation. Armed with the mantra - children do not have to be a product of their environment - the charity's mission is to inspire, aid and encourage underprivileged youth to achieve a better quality of life through educational, social and musical development.

"Trick Luvs Da Kids is my foundation where I see the kids, feed the kids, give them school supplies during that time of the year and give them Christmas presents," he asserted. "We have big toy drives with a lot of my rich friends. I wish I could get Oprah to come down here and help the organization this Christmas. It doesn't have to be thousand of toys, but something that can be felt. Something that will make somebody smile and cry in the same emotion."

As of press time no date has been scheduled for The Dunk Ryders' upcoming CD.

Source: SOHH