Eighth-grade girls who accused three Desert Arroyo Middle School boys of sexual misconduct told detectives the boys exposed themselves in class and performed other lewd acts.

The boys face criminal charges that range from indecent exposure to sexual abuse. Several students reported the boys repeatedly groped 13-year-old girls, and tried to solicit sex acts in class.

The allegations were detailed in a Scottsdale police report released Wednesday as part of an Arizona Republic public records request.

Two of the 13-year-old boys were arrested in October after one girl went to a school nurse with bruises on her breasts and said a boy punched or slapped her. A third boy was not arrested, though he could still face charges, police said Wednesday.

After the first girl came forward, other students reported sexual harassment at the 3401 N. 56th Street campus.One male student told police he had been "flashed a lot in the past nine weeks," the report said.

Several students told Scottsdale sex crimes detectives they saw the boys expose their genitals and inappropriately touch girls during teacher Craig Bragg's social studies classes.

Bragg, who had been placed on paid administrative leave by the Cave Creek Unified School District, denied witnessing any misconduct. He said students would have to be "sneaky" if they didn't catch his attention.

"I feel bad, I don't feel negligent," Bragg told detectives. "I keep a good reign on the kids. There is not a lot of bad behavior in my class."

Scottsdale police forwarded the case to Maricopa County juvenile attorneys for review of criminal charges.

Several girls reported being touched by the boys or made to feel uncomfortable around other students. Victims said the boys would try to grab girls' breasts or buttocks or force them to touch the boys' genitals.

"He holds on and grabs my breast," one girl said. "Usually he will stop but there's been times he has not stopped."

Incidents reported by students in Bragg's class include:

One boy exposing his genitals to classmates "at least 10 times" over several weeks, including five times in one class.

One of the boys putting his pubic hairs on a girl's pen, which she inadvertently put in her mouth.

During a class movie, one of the boys masturbated in front of classmates.

According to the report, one girl told investigators one of the boys put his hand up her pants and groped her during a Spanish class the previous school year. The boy often slapped her rear end and touched her in other inappropriate ways, but she was scared to tell anyone because even though he was a "pervert," he was popular on campus and physically larger than her.

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