since i wanna live,im'a do an 5 min freestyle right now for fun

Freestyle is like an Suicide inside your mind,couse you got no time,but 1 second for an rhyme
And you cant repeat shit like an video on rewind,So you just got to find the line fast for an surprise
Christmas aint here yet but i got my prize,that is my life,and my pride,And having the ball not to hide
Couse im an man Coming from down The South Side,Deep in the downtown right in the street outside
Homey Im An Latino MC coming shining after the night,Just like the sun Im Sunning with the light
So get it right,before i get seriously and make you know my shit is tight,Allight
Im AN Legendary MC who people think is an myth,but i become reality when i spit that real shit
And homey dont hide your feeling couse you know you feel me,Dead man walking claiming they kill me.
But im an opposite of an Low life Loser,LIL-LATINO MC Is the future,i play the game like baseball,down harder than rain fall