Okay, I have been busy lately and I just want to accomplish certain objectives. Instead of just leaving for a while, I decided to tell you guys. I know "Blood In My Eye" is releasing today, (which I will buy in 2 hours) and I will miss the first conversations, but I am taking a break from the forum for a while so I can get some shit together. One, I just hooked up with a girlfriend, Nicole, and I like her so much. But that doesn't have an effect. (just to let you guys know) But, on November 15 I will have a huge update to my site, groups.msn.com/murderersx3 , and I will come back to the forum. I will have a lot of information about Ja Rule and feelings and just all kinds of things. I am just taking 10-11 days off, so don't get worried. This is my last message at the moment, I can't wait to buy "Blood In My Eye" and I can't wait to talk to you guys again! Please just be senistive and give a sense of reality why I am just taking a short break (although this is a big moment in Murder Inc right now)