This is real old news, but no one really talks about it, in 1998-99, Jay, Ja and X were suppose to be a supergroup, Murder Inc., they were on the cover on XXL Magazine, and had an article featured on the group. The group was an idea by I.G., after Ja inked his deal on Def Jam, they only recorded two freestyles, before moving on, "It's Murda," and "Murdergram." However, besides a couple freestyles, nothing was really done, because Jay was already deep into Roc-A-Fella Records, and X was recordning solo fro Ruff Ryders/ Def Jam. They sort of all went seperate ways.

Now there is beef between X and Ja, I personally think it is because X is jealous of Ja Rule, and wants to add more hype for his album. X said he dissed Ja because he was making New York look soft, which is partly true with most of Ja's singles being love ballads or him singing. X joined up with 50 Cent recently and recorded a diss track for Ja, it will be on X's next album, "Grand Champ."

I think if Jay, Ja and X would have released an album, that would have been hot, back then, they were New York's hottest rappers.