Label maybe put out to pasture.

*MCA Records has been the dag-on thing since
1924, and it'll be a little strange if they were to just up
and disappear, but life is strange sometimes.
Rumors have been flying for months and now Rolling
Stone reports that the current plan is to eliminate the MCA
Records brand and move the majority of the label's staff and
some of the roster under the banner of fellow Universal Music
Group label Geffen Records.
The reason, according to insiders, is that the MCA
brand has become "tarnished" by a history of acquisitions
and mergers as well as the label's decline in sales and
prestige during the past few years.
The waves at MCA Records finally crashed in January
when Jay Boberg decided to call it a day after nearly eight
years as president of the label. His departure came after
a dismal sales year for MCA Records. The company
was banking on Shaggy's 2002 album, "Lucky Day,"
to carry it through the slump, but the release has sold
only about 250,000 copies in the US, according
to Nielsen SoundScan. Shaggy's MCA debut,
"Hot Shot," was the top-selling
album worldwide in 2001.