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04-04-2014, 04:37 AM
Apparently before re-inventing himself as Westcoast rapper Shade Sheist known mostly for his collabos with Nate Dogg & Ja Rule. Shade was known as Shady Montage & the R&B G-Funk singer.

Now usually artists meet & collaborate but sometimes an artist here's a demo & decides he likes the song so much that he has to jump on it. A perfect example is Nas Just A Moment. This track I'm sure is another example

Many people remember Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind the mixtape that featured Do The Damn Thang feat. Cadillac Tah & All I Know feat. Irv Gotti

http://www.dubcnm.com/cdcovers/mixtapes/shade_sheist-out_of_sight-the_worldtape-md-back-dubcnn.jpg http://www.dubcnm.com/cdcovers/shade_sheist-out_of_sight-canada-md-back-dubcnn.jpg
We'll apparently they're is a Canada version with an almost completely different track-listing of mostly forgettable tracks.

If your someone who never listened to The Murderers the reason I post this track is obviously that it was remade with The Murderers


Both tracks are basically the same other then the Original is solo & I believe Shade rips an exclusive rap verse near the end. Either way hope hardcore INC fans appreciate it.

One thing that's still bothering me is I hear Shade & Cadillac Tah recorded a track with Nate Dogg for Pov City Hustler. I also hear Damizza had some version of some Mariah Carey track with Shade & Ja. We'll I hope those leak someday & hopefully Ja & Shade might do a new song in the future.

05-04-2014, 07:58 PM
Not bad, I like it :)