View Full Version : HardCore Feat. Ariana (my wifey)

09-28-2011, 11:39 PM
TTP: I got a wifey for a doctor who tells me "Come home soon!"
She plays like my house is her Emergency Room
She tells me to undress and to lay on the sofa
Checks all my vitals like a docs supposed ta
All white coat, all white heels
And nothin' underneath so it's some all night deals
I'm her number 1 patient and delighted to be
And when she needs her medicine I give her Vitamin "D"

Last​ night​ i​ had​ sex​
from​ wall​ to​ the​ floor​
amazing,​ spectacular​
now​ i​ want​ some​ more​

he​ came​ from​ the​ darkness​
between​ my​ legs​ with​ his​ head​
and​ finally​ i​ could​ say​
about​ time​ she​ was​ fed​

he​ licked,​ flicked​ and​
twirled​ his​ tongue​ all​ around​
there​ was​ no​ giving​ up​
until​ his​ treasure​ was​ found​

i​ bucked​ and​ i​ squirmed​
trying​ to​ get​ a​ way​
he​ held​ my​ hands​ down​
then​ whispered​ just​ take​ it​ bay​

my​ eyes​ rolled​ back​
in​ my​ head​ i​ couldnt​ see​
but​ wait..there’s​ more​
he​ wasn’t​ through​ with​ me​

bend​ over​ he​ said​
back​ arched​ at​ his​ request​
like​ i​ had​ no​ control​
no​ need​ to​ protest​

spanked​ my​ ass​
with​ the​ palm​ of​ his​ hand​
the​ only​ thing​ i​ could​
think​ of​ was​ damn​

lost​ my​ breathe​
and​ could​ not​ breath​
passed​ the​ fuck​ out​
after​ falling​ to​ my​ knees​

if​ i​ had knew​ ​
that the dick was​ this​ sweet​
i​ would​ have​ been​ fucking​
this​ dude​ for​ weeks!