View Full Version : Broken Dreamz 2007

09-28-2011, 10:23 PM
i woke up something has changed, i felt an over whelming sensation of power,
i felt deranged, a transformation exchanged, like the old me was devoured,
i could rearrange laws of gravitation, interchange atoms just in irritation,
some one came to me in frustration, told me i was accidentally made in creation,
rage overflows,in my mind termination, use my powers experimentally in intimidation,
i stop time in its prime, i have no limitation, in every rhyme to change his speculation,
(time restarts)i climb in the air in levitation, flame to his hair cause pain, reline like radiation,
grabs his mouth dangles in midair, watch his expressionless face in disrepair in notation,
he gets on his knees and pleads me to spare, i say you misplaced your face? with a snare,
he continues to plead, ur like a disease i swear, he nods his head and agrees with scare,
looking for remorse when none is there, im a powerful force, show more petty i dont care,
i repair his face, then endorse,i turn him into walking talking glass hes unaware of course,
i gaze with a mighty stair, he shatters, nothing matters, i ripped his soul from his heart in tear,
as i start to practice my art elsewhere, i mentally beam, make building crumble apart by the seem,
woke with a powerful scheme to mind, like time relapsed? was it a crazy fantasy, seemed real to me,
was it ment to be? or blowing steam? a future reality? a mind state, can you metaphorically dream..

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