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09-07-2011, 07:37 PM
Whats good fam? Found this randomly on the interwebs and thought it be a good look to share with yall. Its basically an article on what books some rappers read and how hip-hop is not as ignorant as some dudes may make it seem (what up O'Reilly?). For those who are interested in what books rappers are into, they have some cool intel on Nasir, Hova, 'Pac and even KRS and Immortal Technique. The part on Ja:

"But there is more. Much more. Ja Rule for instance released his fifth studio album “Blood In My Eye” in 2003, named after the book by Black Panther George Jackson bearing the same title. On “Rules Of Engagement” [off his digitally released album "The Mirror"] Ja recites what he considers the most important laws of power, referring again to a book, this time Robert Greene’s “The 48 Laws Of Power“.

The full article is here (http://www.angryprophet.com/smarten-up-what-does-your-favorite-rapper-read/), which is a pretty dope hip-hop blog, although the article on what books rappers read comes off a bit stannish [somebody has too much time on his hands i guess...]