View Full Version : Bang Bang Boogie

01-17-2011, 02:04 AM
Ive done did it i can do it and ill do it again
i know at one time i said im through with the pen
but im back at it like a bad habit so ill have at it
go in on a beat until im soundin like an asthmatic
rap faggots aint ready shittin on there front door
im kickin down the mother fucker shoutin who wants war
prophecy bitch yea there aint much to it yo ill one two it
punch through it im sick of how these punks do it
fuckin up the rap game they say there in the fast lane
makin all these stupid songs about how there cash hangs
there over paid there fuckin dumb there rapping is just fuckin dumb
a waste of the rap space and a worthless peice of cum
fuck you and the whole click you ride with
ill run up on your bitch ass even with your fuckin side kicks
its mine bitch call me tony montana
and i run the underground from new york to alabama
from New york to the planet i still manage to damage
and any body in my fuckin way can manage to vanish
i still eat a beat and heat it leave you done and defeated
mistreated it repeat it until the shit is fucking depleted.
now your hearing the gun sound dont need it got kung pow
so what now homie your just laying the fuck down!

01-21-2011, 03:37 AM
dope...you and young don need to go at it for kicks and giggles