View Full Version : N.Y. takes Amare despite injury history

07-07-2010, 05:42 AM

07-07-2010, 05:47 AM
like i said in the post about him signing...if they dont bring in a 2nd player, then this deal means nothing, at least at the moment, untill 2011 free agency...

but as far as taking the risk...it's definately worth it. its amare stoudamire. he's a GREAT player and a top 4 and 5. him individually signing is a great thing for the knicks, but with the roster that they have, and no one there to throw him the ball correctly, then i see no reason for them clearing all that cap room.

the one thing the suns was right about was his milage. if they dont sign someone in the next year or so, they just busted a max contract on amare when they could've saved the money and kept david lee, who WILL be an all-star next year and if he isn't then the league needs to re-think some things...like how duncan is aloud to get voted a the 4 spot one year and then the 5 the next.

but back on track, at least they have t-mac at hand.may not be the greatest no more, but it's a start. give him some money now and then continue building next year.