View Full Version : Swag statement!!!

Young DON
10-02-2009, 09:36 PM

Now watch me walk all the way to the bank wit it/

got a hunger for money, don't touch my dinner plate nigga/

swag so creative, and a nigga flow is so artistic/

visually set, stand back and watch my words paint pictures/

not a movie flick, but ya girl watches my dick.../

niggas under the weather, gotta throw up, i make 'em sick/

who fuckin wit dis nigga, standin tall right here/

i'ma magician to u niggas, watch the fake niggas disappear/

spittin game to ya bitch, i'm like a bluetooth in her ear/

her man looks like he got caught in headlights, like a deer/

i smell pussy, yea i see some pussy niggas standin here/

no i am not god, but it is don who they fear/

no weapons this time, jus a cup and my weed in the air/

had fun in the club, till we heard some shots flare/

now everybody runnin, damn! Everybody scared/

thought it was a dream, but ended up ya worst nightmare/

young don to the rescue wit dat ak 47, i'll be rite there/

time to address these haters, sendin em through the air/

man down, yes, you gone need an ambulance over here/

nigga wrap from his head to his feet, yep...he's dead meat/

run up in ya spot, pop shots wit da glock, until a nigga body drop/

bring the choppa, o my!!!, did u see his body rock/

helicopters, need to come, to pick up his body parts/