View Full Version : Eminem Live Freestyle on TV total

05-12-2009, 10:04 AM
ok I post this Tryin not 2 hate but I find it hard so Fuck it.

1st of all am I the only 1 who think Em only has 1 emotion on his face lol you cant tell when he happy - sad - upset - angry lol All his emotions just look like :glare:

2nd What is with all the fucking makeup. He looking like Michael jackson.

3rd and final.... WTF is with the funny voice :angry:

oh wait for all the stans Enjoy. You all going to love it I can already tell lol. Oh And if you dont like it the 1st time do it like Fanboy does and play it like 10 times and make yourself Love it lol Let it grow on you hahahaha.