View Full Version : New Camron Interview with DJ Drama [Killa/Gucci Collab Coming Soon!]

02-28-2009, 08:10 PM
Drama: The music thatís coming out now, is it new material?
Camíron: Definitely, definitely. I get into arguments with my people about that scenario all the time. My man made a song about six or seven months ago that never came out and Iím like itís old in my brain. Iíll be like nah we canít do it. My people are like ďnobody heard it, you need to put it out.Ē I canít work with six-seven months ago. We got a studio in the house so weíre recording every night. Everything thatís on the album is from November on.

Drama: I was watching the prelude to I Use To Get In Ohio, [Laughs] who is the nigga playing your cousin?
Camíron: Thatís my nigga Bang. He actually directed the full video of I Get It In Ohio & Cookiní Up. A lot of people donít know, heís also a producer. He produced Jimís first single Certified Gangstas, he did a couple joints on my album. Now heís in that director mode. Heís really from Chicago.. I had to take like 15 takes [Prelude video], I couldnít stop laughing. Thatís my man Duane ďBangĒ Holmes: producer, director, etc.

Drama: I donít know what weíre waiting on for the Camíron Gangsta Grillz?
Camíron: I was just about to say, I never got invited to do a Gangsta Grillz, we could do that tonight. The whole shit could get done tonight. I canít wait.

Drama: Have you been watching people come up on internet?
Camíron: Soulja Boyís like the biggest exampleÖ They had wanted me to be a part of Aunt Jackie cuz they were on Koch but I couldnít.. that wasnít my lane, but the best of luck to them. Koch Records was distributing them and they really signed them off their YouTube hits. ďOh these guys got 200,000 hits on YouTube.Ē So Iím sitting there thinking to myself, damn if you get 200,000 views on YouTube, you get a record deal. If I was home, Iíd have people cheating all day to get me 200,000 to walk into somebodyís office. [Laughs.]

Drama: Speaking of the internet, one of the sites thatís come up heavily in the last year and a half is ThisIs50.com. The Rick Ross/50 beef is very interesting. A lot of people say itís entertaining. Iíve said it almost seems like 50 might of learned something from yíall beef because you brought such a comedy element to the game. And even 50 has been on record saying ďI didnít know what to do with that when Cam was coming like that.Ē
Camíron: Iím a different type of animal. I had 10 million downloads off Curtis.. At the end of the day, he did a smart move with Juelz & Jimmy.. Musically I canít wait to deal with anybody. Itís not a problem. You gotta be funny and entertaining cuz at the end of the day it ainít like him and Rick Ross are gonna see each other in the streets.. If you can clown somebody, clown Ďem. Cuz it makes them look stupid.. If you talented, funny, and can spit, you gonna win the battle 9 times outta 10.

Drama: The album, Crime Pays, May 5th.
Camíron: It features nobody.
Camíron: Just a couple of people from the hood. New Dipset movement we working on. Itís about 98% Cam on there. 24 songs.
Drama: We need that. A lot of times thereís too many features.
Camíron: Yeah, features donít make an album. If you got a song with a Chris Brown or a Ne-Yo, people arenít gonna buy your album cuz they on it. Theyíll just go get thier album. And with the internet you can download your favorite songs anyway.

Drama: Whatís up on the movie side of things?
Camíron: Killa Season 2 is coming in September. The soundtrack is coming in September too.. Itís funny that you asked that, I just did a deal with Todd downstairs for that little I Get It Ohio prelude with Bang. We shooting a movie called The Bakery. Weíre reissuing the album with the movie and some new songs on July 5th. Itís basically surrounded off that little prelude of I Use To Get It In Ohio.

Drama: For my album, I want to do a Cam & Gucci Mane song. Do you know how that would kill the hood?
Camíron: I just did a song called Cookies & Apple Juice. Gucci Mane get out on March 13th. Joie went to see him, [Gucci's] getting on it March 14th. Weíll make sure to give it you immediately. Gucci- much love, weíll see you when get out.. he asked for me.