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01-13-2009, 02:58 PM
Well I'm back. And yall still doing the same shit
People love me, the new puppy. You still the same bitch.
Thought you were dead. But I keep getting these messages
Come back Hostile! So I'm here. Still very sick.
Tired? Maybe. Of the same old rhymes. The same old clowns.
The same dudes with scrunched faces. Contagious frowns.
SO let me lay it down. I'm not here for awards or prizes.
But if anybody wants to war, that wouldn't surprise me.
I'm still on top even though my home is dead.
Speak in past tense. I'm the one that made ya homies bled.
Make sense of me. I'm still the same old dude.
You still the same old people singin the same damn tunes.
"I'm hot. I'm the best and nobody can touch me."
Even when you first dropped you were still feelin rusty.
But wait, let me stop. I don't want to end your heatbeats.
...That's it. Stop kissing my feet.

Hello MIO.

01-14-2009, 07:31 PM
Wuz Good Nigga, Im Tryna Keep This Bitch Up So Keep Droppin N Ima Do The Same. Keep This Shit Poppin Wit Drops.