View Full Version : Race to the MVP: Top five set gold standard in a golden era

01-11-2009, 08:07 AM

01-11-2009, 08:18 AM
aight first things first. lebron james, being first? ehhhhh idk man...kiss, loki marcus whoever reads this. please argue with me and tell me different. i like to hear ya'lls opinions anyways, but just personally, i feel as though kobe is goin through a lot more to get his team where they at right now. bron got "old heads" on his team who know how to keep they poise (which in turns make lebron look good). dont get me wrong, kobe and lebron bein number one could a BIG argument and it is a BIG arguement. but argue with kobe in the number one spot. i think thats his spot right now.

big ups to joe johnson who is on that list FINALLY. he needs to be on that list. dwayne wade most def should be further down way closer to 10. he the only cat on there thats 2 game from .500, so if they gonna account records in this they need to drop him down mad quick. everything else seems pretty good. or atleast seems as though they should be on the top 10.

01-12-2009, 05:36 PM
^I wouldn't have LeBron at 1 but I wouldn't be
shocked at all if he won it due to Stern wanting
to make him the face of the league. I disagree on
Wade. Yes, his team's record is mediocre but that
team is so garbage it's amazing they even where
they at and something also has to be said for a
player's importance to his team, hence the term
'most valuable player' even though I know that's
not how it works and why he prolly won't win it.
He also outplayed Kobe in their 2 games so far.
I'm not gonna argue against Kobe, he likely is the
top choice. Some of these guys on the list though
are highly overrated while you got Devin Harris and
Danny Granger not even close to the list, granted
their teams have had a mediocre record again but
to me they're having better seasons than Dirk or Duncan.