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01-09-2009, 05:52 PM
audio listen at


You got me, stun from ur presences
like a bee buzz from ur sweet esscences
your more than perfection
can i check ur body for corrections?
the lines and the beauty that ur carve to
its more than just art, its an archtectual marvel
ur one in a million like allyiah
other guys are quick to talk like the media
im not tryin to win u like the lottery, cuz i got more chances
but im like pay per view u got to demand this
But u got me, im not tryin to cross u like monopoly
Im building for ur love, so nothing can top me
so don't worry be gentle, im a man with sentimentals
cuz you got me like this instrumental
Thru the track and snares
riding the beat in rhtyhm im there
I'll never leave u hanging like mantels
I won't let you fall, theres nothing we can't handle
Got ya back and a shoulder to lean too
if you got problems, i got ears to listen too
Im here to kick the bad news, and change the forecast
not to change ur pass, but to enlighten ur path
I got you, Im someone u can fall back to
More than just support man, and random dudes
Your mine, and ur more than just a friend to me
my love for u is ur uncomparable unlike similes
im forever urs, and thats the realest i can be

haven't been back at this site in a while, anyways holla. drop some comments. thx