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01-08-2009, 09:53 AM
DJ Premier: 'I Wish Nas Could Make An Album With The Original Team, He Would Be Over Successful'

Nas fans aren't the only ones who wish the Queens rapper would reconnect with all the producers who helped put together his classic debut album Illmatic.

In a recent interview with Goods Magazine, DJ Premier revealed that he would like to link up with Nas and the other producers who worked on Illmatic for a new album.

"I wish Nas would do an album again with just the original team,' said Primo."Me, Q-Tip, Large Professor, Pete Rock and L.E.S. We all went in like we knew we had to."

"I remember Tip bringing me 'One Love' and I was like 'Damn, I had to go and fix mine'. I had to change my 'Represent' beat just to compete with them," Primo reminisced. "Pete played me 'The World Is Yours' before the beat was done and I was like 'Yo, I gotta make another banger' and thatís when I did 'New York State Of Mind'.

"Large Pro was really the originator of Nas' style musically because he took a chance on him, so Large Pro is really the important factor of Nas' career," Primo continued. "So I donít know how you don't go back to Large. If Nas would g et to do one album with all of us again it would be over successful because we all gonna come with it."

Premier's production has been absent from Nas' and Jay-Z's projects in the past years. Primo claims he has sent beats to both rappers but they never make the final product. Despite being turned down, Primo has no ill feelings towards them.

"I'm not bitter, my main thing is just let me know you're not gonna use it. That gets me a little bothered because if you know me just say 'It ain't it Preem'. I'm cool," he explained. "I pee standing up, Iím all man so Iím not gonna get sensitive about that. Those are my dudes".

01-12-2009, 07:35 PM
It prolly makes the most sense and Nas do needa get back with Primo but who knows Nas is a different type of cat.
lol @ that last quote