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01-05-2009, 12:51 AM
Ok everyone
put down your top 3 hip hop artist and why they are your top 3 but
your not allowed to put pac and big because everyone would put them as there number 1.

1- Ja Rule - delivery on his songs the passion you cannot deny
2- Nas - excellent with lyrics and description on his songs,
3-jadakiss - fuckin love this guys style man great delivery and awesome laugh lol.

01-05-2009, 01:07 AM
1 kanye west- ideals r on another planet
2 ludacris- cuz he punchlines u and he and battle u
3 cassidy- whether he make hits or not he'll still crush ur career
4 juelz- let him build his hype back up and u'll see whats up
5 hurricane chris- "i had a funny feeling that somthin was goin on, nigga wanna do me somthin cuz im ridin on chrome" nuf said

01-05-2009, 01:37 AM
ja rule because.......caught up, better days, too long, livin it up, never thought, what's my name, the warning, murder reigns, always on time, gangsta's paradise, free, hearsay, clap back.............and u can put a lot of other incredible joints......this man is simply the rapper that got me dreamin and enjoying music the most since I'm 15.....so it's like I grew up with ja sound in my ears;;;;;;so it's like he's part of my family, part of my personnality lololol......he is a crazy, passionnate, full of energy and groove like nobody else.....

kanye west.......because of songs like good life, bring me down, champion.......he's great and can rap every kind of instrumental.....and he always got crazy songs......but I ain't into the 808's and heartbreak album.....

fabolous.........he's one of the few that always got some stuff going on, always got hits......and so into you and baby are two songs that are part of the songs that I listened the most while I was younger.....plus every featuring he's on, he's killing it all the time....

joe budden........pump it up, pop off........and before everything else.....the broken wings freestyle......that's still the illest shit I've ever heard........

and I could have put nelly on it too, cause this man got so many great songs..........

chosing just three is like too hard for me lolol....

only thing I'm sure is that ja would be the first anyway.....but for the others it's kinda too hard for me lolol

01-05-2009, 09:44 PM
im very sure of my no.1..

the 2 & 3 could go either way..anyways..

1.Ja Rule.

Reasons : i basicially grew up on dude (no homo)..i remeber seeing him on stage with j.lo at the vma's in 01 and being like,wow he's really different,i was like 11 at the time..he was really the first artist that got me into hiphop at an age when things could have gone any way ,in terms of music. i became a murderer and havnt stopped supporting since. beacuse of the age that i first heard ja,i feel as if his music is linked to my life,as i can relate to almost everything he does,,i can play a whole ja album back to back which is something i cant do with my no.2 & 3...i really undewrstand everything ,his passion and pain and melody..ive even turn on some people to ja over the years..found mio a few years ago and the rest is history..he is also sooo underrated..ITS MURDA 4 LIFE

2.Kanye West

dude came out at a time when murda inc was going through hella problems..so i neva had anyone who i could relate to or really enjoy musically until kanye dropped and he was like a breath of fresh air in the game...i really like his music cause it was honest music..dude made good songs was funny and production was off the chain..i also related to his sampling of soul beats , i grew up with a lot of soul music aswell...i feel late regisitration is a classic and he hasnt fallin short since...808's even helped me get through the tough time of the death of a friend..dude is on a whole other level forreal..


knew about jay since hard knock life single...but slept on him until like a few yrs ago when i copped vol.2...i felt it but it wasnt until a friend of mines who is a hard core jigga fan like im a ja fan gave me a few cd's...after hear'n reasonable doubt,vol.1,the blueprint ect. i realised that jigga just be one of the greatest of all time..but hes an arist that only grabs ur attention with the REPEATED listen of full albums..unlike ja & kanye who i felt from first go...i still luv jigga (no homo) i got all the albums dude is the illest apart from biggie who would prolly get my no.4 spot....HOVA!!

01-05-2009, 10:17 PM

Undisputable IMO

01-06-2009, 12:48 AM
aight my question to the thread is...i look stupid cuz i got my "top 5" rappers up (hints the name of the thread), and poe, u only want the top 3...bump it...my list stands...

and kanye west should be on EVERYBODY'S list. and if he aint, u just hatin...and im debatin on puttin 50cent in that list too. cuz dude a hustla, he dont make that good of a song but he'll make u believe its good when it comes out.

01-07-2009, 04:48 PM
Vinnie Paz
Sage Francis

01-07-2009, 05:37 PM
Kool g rap
c rayz walz

01-31-2009, 04:52 PM
Vinnie Paz
Cadillac Tah
Styles P

albanian murda
01-31-2009, 07:30 PM
2.Ja Rule

Dont ask me why....LOL

Capo Di Tutti
01-31-2009, 09:30 PM
top 5 right now top in our opinion or top 5 doa

coz im seeing some fucked choices ja is barely breathing n im huge fan but ja isnt nas or BIG

n nickolai em is basically like ja no one knows wtf is going on with the dude im not saying he doesnt deserve spot when he is on point he's on point but the guy hasnt done anything for a long ass time

so wat type of top 5 u want poe

02-01-2009, 08:41 AM
(u asked for 5 but errbody is puttin 3 so i guess the other two ar pac and big but imma put it anyway)

Biggie - the sickest flow ever and u can see all what big was sayin on his tracks..
eminem - he just way to crazy .the wrong guy to fuck with..
ja rule - cuz i like every single he putted in ..almost the complet mc
fabolous -Homie is sick , still underrated ^ wordplay king Im Not The 1 To scrable with ^
t.i - started feelin the dude since 24s

its just my personal favoritee i know prob u can find some Mcs better than the ones i Picked

D-block fan
02-01-2009, 08:59 PM
Eminem: this guy broke bridges he did what most rappers are afraid of doing. he never backed down. lyrically he is still one of the best, he's made 2 classic albums one great album and one bad album where as most rappers who make classics have one classic and abunch of average follow-ups
Ja Rule: he brings passion to his music, does he have alot of albums that are front to back great, no but even on his worst albums you can find some of his best matirial
Joe Budden: this guy knows how to bring the heat whether its a story song or just him lyrically murdering the beat he comes hard all the time.
Nas: he's done a lot for rap music, he's come out and down gangster rap music but comes back and hits people with real passion music
Tech N9ne: this dude brings the heat all of the time, if you don't believe me check out his track "Come Gangsta" classic shit right there