View Full Version : Cassie's Single With Lil Wayne, 'Official Girl,' Shows Personality,

08-18-2008, 10:31 AM
As Cassie braces to release her yet-untitled sophomore album, she revealed to MTV News that she is ready to let loose and find new ways to use her voice.

"You're definitely going to see more independence. On [this album], I got to work with different people and [learn] what their habits were and what works well with me," she said. "So you'll see a difference in vocals, a little bit more personality. And it's definitely a sensual album."

This personality comes through on her latest single, "Official Girl," featuring Lil Wayne, a song dedicated to independent-spirited ladies everywhere.

"I definitely think that when I first heard the song, from the beginning of the record you kind of feel like, you know, 'I'm leaving it up to you. I left it to you,' " she said. "And by the time it gets to the second verse and makes it to the end of the song, it just feels like I'm saying, 'I don't want to put up with it anymore. It's not fair.' "

Cassie hopes that the song can spread the message of girl power and empower girls to stand up and take control of their romantic relationships.

"It was a great first single for me because it said something. I fell in love with records like [Beyoncé's] 'Irreplaceable,' where you could emotionally attach yourself to the record as soon as you heard it," she added. "I didn't want something so vague and so clubby, because I wanted people to see me as a woman with something to say."

For those of you who are still unclear as to what exactly an "official girl" is, the singer defines the song's title this way: "I would say that an 'official girl' is someone in a relationship," she said. "You're attentive, you're honest, but at the same time you can let go a little bit.

"To be an official girl, you just have to ride for your significant other and support them 100 percent."


08-19-2008, 12:28 PM
Her last album was decent. I haven't
heard much from this project but I'll
give it a listen. She needs to realize she
aint Beyonce though and aint got strong
vocals and club songs may be her best angle.
The single is aight. I'm not exactly thrilled
with having to hear Lil Wayne on yet
another song. I already can't turn on
my radio without hearing him or T-Pain.
Shit is gettin ridiculous.