View Full Version : RealTalkNY's The Game- LAX Listening Session Review

06-30-2008, 05:04 PM

RealTalkNY was in the building last night at The Game’s LAX listening session. Thanks Sowmya! Below is a quick recap of what I heard… BTW LAX GOT PUSHED BACK TO AUGUST 26TH…SMH

After security was done acting like pricks… I made it inside and allowed my ears to go to work. Unfortunately, I missed the first 6 tracks, which, other media that were there told me were the best tracks on the album. I missed both lil Wayne tracks and one neyo track SMH… On to the tracks I did hear, I have a recap as it was hard to take notes with so many females around (very unprofessional, I agree) Enjoy the notes below:

1. Touchdown ft. Raheem Devaughn- The song came on and all the girls in the club went crazy. The dance floor was packed and the beat was banging. This might turn out to be that club song that girls be screaming when it comes on…

2. Camera Girl (phone) ft Ne-Yo - This Cool and Dre produced track (they have many tracks on the album) is more of a cool vibe track that you might just have playing in the back ground when a shorty is coming over. Ne-Yo does his thing of course and Game is on point.

3. Never gonna say goodbye - Produced by BWS’ EP - This was my favorite track of the night. This is a song that Game made as if he were in the body of 3 hip hop all of famers 10 minutes before they passed. Game has 3 verses in which he is 2pac, Biggie and Ease-E. I thought it was a creative idea which worked. The beat is also crazy.

4. Money - Yet another Cool and Dre track has that “Miami, rick Ross” feel to it. Game spits that shit on the track as he takes another shot at 50 in the song. This song was interrupted by Steve Berman who hugged Game and they acting like 2 long lost friends. For those that don’t know Steve Berman, pop in any 1 of Eminem’s first 3 albums. (side note: I thought em killed Berman in that last skit… lol)

5. Heaven - Produced by Jelly Roll - This was more of a Game spitting hard on a west coast beat.

6. I aint fucking w/ you ft. Busta Rhymes - Produced by The Trackmasters, this is most definitely the “strip club” joint as described by Game. You should hear this song as your favorite stripper is getting ready for her grand entrance.

7. Game’s Pain - You’ve seen and heard enough of this track…

The rest of the album was cut short due to time restraints and the party headed to another party JD was throwing…

Last note: Cool from Cool and Dre is one of the realest and most humble “industry” people I’ve ever met.