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05-02-2008, 10:50 PM
After The Game went public with his desire to commit suicide, Lloyd Banks urged the former G-Unit member to pull the trigger. SOHH caught up with The Game to discuss his suicidal thoughts and Banks' harsh comments.

Game revealed that there are times when he wishes himself off of the earth in a recent XXL magazine interview. However, he says, he doesn't always feel that way. "Sometimes I gotta fight off my demons myself and get lonely and sometimes [I] feel bad. That [was] how I was feeling at that point and that time," he told SOHH exclusively. "This day is a different day. I feel better on this day. I'm happier on this day."

"Game has good days and I have bad days just like everybody," he went on to say. "But you know sometimes people have people they can lean on and me I don't have anybody."

When The Game's former G-Unit group member Lloyd Banks heard about his plans to kill himself, he encouraged the west coast rapper to go through with it.

"I heard he's going to terminate himself so good luck on that," Banks told SOHH. "I predicted that, too. So, next time you in the dark and you think about blowing your noodles all over your nice little paint, just do it like Nike."

The Game found humor in Lloyd Banks comment. "Oh yeah I thought that was funny," The Game told SOHH. "I think that Lloyd Banks has got 50's hand so far up his p*ssy that he can't even think about his self."

"I just think he's 50's puppet and I think that all they do all day is just bump pussies and talk about what color to polish their nails. So, I think them the last cats that need to be talking."

Despite having his down days, The Game admits that he may not be ready to take his own life. "People that really want to commit suicide, they die. They commit suicide. So obviously maybe I'm not strong enough to do it or I'm too strong to do it or I don't know I haven't figured it out yet. But I know today is not like that day."


The Game's hard-hitting track, "911 Is A Joke," has been widely circulating the net over last few days, recorded in direct response to the recent Sean Bell verdict. The controversial West Coast rapper hit the airwaves yesterday (April 30) to talk about how people in L.A. would have reacted differently to the verdict, how he wanted to get other rappers to join him on the song, and his talks with the Reverend Al Sharpton.

As SOHH previously reported, three New York detectives were acquitted last week after fatally shooting at an unarmed Sean Bell 50 times, back in 2006. The 23 year-old man was shot, along with two friends, after leaving his bachelor party at a Queens strip club. He was set to get married to his fiancÚ, with whom he has a son, the following day.

Though the rapper said his website, ThisIzGame.com - where fans can go to download the track for free - features a disclaimer saying he does not support or encourage cop killing, he's prepared for the negative hype anyway.

"I'm pretty sure that people are gon' do whatever they can to keep this song from circulating and keep it off my album," he said on Sirius Satellite's After Hours Spot radio show. "The government or whoever is probably gon' have people on the Internet taking this song off the Internet. It's gon' be black ninjas swingin thru trees at night at my house." [Listen to the interview here]

But Game said he stands by his recording.

"I don't have no other reason for doing [the song] except that this man was killed and done an injustice to his family," Game said

"911 Is A Joke" features Game spitting alone, but he said at least two artists turned down an opportunity to get on the track out of fear.

"The hip-hop community right now is like we straight up pussies, man," the rapper said. "I reached out to a couple of artists and told them what I was gonna do and n*ggas ain't want no part of it."

He wouldn't name the artists that declined, only calling them, "some non-active n*ggas."

David Banner also complained about the Hip-Hop community's cowardice, blaming everyone who doesn't speak up about injustice, for injustice.

When asked where the big New York artists were, like Jay-Z and Nas, Game concurred that the East Coast has been fairly mum since the verdict.

"Man if that happened in L.A., do you know you could see smoke form the hills?" he asked. "You look into the city, you'd see smoke and everything would be on fire. I don't know why New York is so quiet and I don't know if New York being quiet isn't the right thing to do."

One opinion that he does respect though, is reverend and activist Al Sharpton's. The two have been in talks and Game said Sharpton's camp knows the Bells personally.

"I got a chance to ... get his views," he said. "We haven't tied the knot on what's next. We're not in unison as far as where to go next, but for Game it's just the beginning of my voice."

Game's album Los Angeles Times is slated for release on July 8.


05-03-2008, 08:35 PM
Can't wait for that LAX.

05-03-2008, 08:54 PM
The other rapper is just like little kids getting in people business that don't include him, trying to be someone to be heard.

He should put that energy into songs for people to remember.

05-04-2008, 10:12 AM
wonda who them 'non-active' dudes was lol

05-04-2008, 10:41 AM
hope he won't end his life anytime soon and that he gonna put some more albums in stores cause PAIN is the shit. Fucking classic song.

05-04-2008, 01:50 PM
I heard about this Sean Bell thing a while back but never looked into it at all but this post made me go to game's new web site http://thisizgame.com/ and have to say lol at how game looking in that intro of the site but what he have to say about this case and from what i heard i have to say dame thats fucked up the Sean Bell thing is fucked up cant 3 cops can put 50 bullets in 1 man for no reason and theye get off with nothing.

05-22-2008, 02:34 PM
lax is gonna be fire for real