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AT THE VIDEO SHOOT OF . . . Lloyd's 'This Is How We Do It (Round Da Way)'

By Sonia Murray

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/17/2008

Lloyd (with Che Mack) aims to let girls know its OK to love and respect themselves on 'This Is How We Do It (Round Da Way).'

'When the song is called 'In The A,' there's only so many rappers who can really represent the hometown,' Ludacris said of his featured guest role on Lloyd's single, which had its title changed later.

The first single from "Lessons In Love" --due in stores July 15--which the Atlanta R&B singer says is part of his plan "to re-educate people on how to be passionate and restore love in music. It's something I felt was missing. And when you listen to Lloyd's music, I want you to have a good time, and maybe even make your day better. So the only way I can do that is to put a positive message in my music.

"A lot of people are scared of that because they feel I'll lose my bad boy appeal, or sex appeal," adds Lloyd, whose most recent hit singles include "Get It Shawty" and "You." "But for me it's not about just having sex appeal. It's about putting something out there in the community that can come back tenfold. Everybody's scared to tell girls to love themselves and respect themselves and expect more from themselves. ... And I've got a voice and lot of young people listening to my music, so why not me?"

Among the highlights of his shoot:

The director: Tony Petrossian, who says he was last in Atlanta shooting rapper Pastor Troy's "Are We Cuttin'" (2002) and "Ridin' Big" (2004) videos. "And I haven't been back since, I'm sorry to say," says Petrossian, also known for his work with Slipknot, Three Days Grace and Serj Tankian. "I've been in L.A., and I've been in New York. And I'm really glad to be out here. I'm loving, is it Fat Matt's Rib Shack? Loving Fat Matt's!"

The site: PC&E Sound Stages off Howell Mill Road. (The entire video was shot on green screen so the background can be added later, by computer).

The concept: "We're just trying to do something different, a little more conceptual for the hip-hop world and the R&B worlds," explains Petrossian. "We're trying to show that the center of the country is Atlanta. I know it ain't. I know Atlanta's in the south. But in this video, it's the center.

"So people from the West coast, people from the East coast, north and south, they're all going to start leaving their cities climbing up through the split screens, jumping down through the split screens, walking left and right through the split screens to find out what's going on here in the 'A'," the director continues. "And they're all going to move here to the 'A' to party with Lloyd. That's kind of the idea."

"The 'A' is the center of everything for me," adds Lloyd. "The 'A' is my core. Even though I'm able to go to New Orleans and L.A. and New York and Miami and have a good time, and enjoy good music, there's just something that's so special about this place that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. So I wanted to share my love for my city, and show 'em how we do it."

The special guests: Atlanta R&B singer Wingo of Jagged Edge (who says he's working on a solo CD), BMI executive Byron Wright and self-described "lifestyle specialist" Kenny Burns fresh from his appearance as host on BET's "Black Poker Stars Invitational" were on set.

But Atlanta rapper-actor Ludacris, whose featured on the single, was the guest with his own tour bus on location. "Of course I was going to be a part of this, for several reasons," he explains. "Originally [the song] was called 'In The A' I think, and it kind of reminded me of a Michael Jackson-type song. Plus, when the song is called 'In The A,' there's only so many rappers who can really represent the hometown. I haven't done a record with Lloyd before, and I'm definitely proud of him. My album's coming soon [titled "Theater of the Mind," due in August or September], so this helps me get back out there. It's all perfect timing!"

The thing that probably won't make the video: The super-tight jeans Lloyd's stylist had for him to wear during the Miami scene. He ended up wearing his own pair, but his personal video guy did tape him in the pants complaining for his MySpace page.


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the video should be hot. when it's gonna be release? I hope it will come soon lololol.

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i wanna see this video maaan

04-29-2008, 06:50 PM
just seen the video.....................dont like it............even tho thats my joint

Lloyd will still have the 2nd best R&B album this year.......Usher being #1

04-29-2008, 11:02 PM
I wanna see the video.

04-30-2008, 12:51 AM
usher gonna win in sales, but judging from what ive heard so far, lloyds music >>>> ushers.