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01-11-2008, 05:34 PM
When the original Resistance: Fall of Man launched alongside the PlayStation 3 in 2006, its status as a best seller was all but guaranteed. The game looked good, played well and offered the kind of online firefights the Sony fan base was clamoring for. Thanks to map packs and a devoted following, Resistance is still running strong on the PS3, but as more and more FPS games hit the console, gamers are starting to want more.

They'll get it this fall.

Resistance 2 is official after Sony announced the title in the latest issue of Game Informer, which should be hitting subscriber mailboxes anytime now. In the cover story, Sony spills the beans on all sorts of nifty gameplay features and functions.

The game will feature the standard single-player campaign as well as an eight-player online co-op campaign that's objective-based. Two people can still work together locally.

Ready to beat each other senseless online? Resistance 2 will feature 60-player matches set in the United States.

Sorry, Rachel; the campaign will pick up from Fall of Man's epilogue and stick solely with Nathan Hale as he copes with getting shot down in Iceland, escaping to the states and joining the "Sentinels" program.

There will be classes. Characters will start out from one of three basic templates -- a "tank-style" soldier rocking a chain gun, a "Special Ops class" that seems like a sniper or a medic whose "Medicator" gun will hurt enemies and heal allies -- and go from there.

When you and a team of friends head into battle, there will not be a selectable difficulty. Insomniac will be auto-scaling the challenge to the skill of you and your squad. When you jump into a random online match, you'll be teamed with partners and opponents who are around your personal level.

"Personal" is going to be a big word in Resistance 2. The game will have dedicated servers for gaming, community and stats as well as gamer profile pages on myresistance.net. In-game, the setup will be completely open when it comes to clans and parties -- the era of invites has come to a close.

Vehicles are in the game, but Insomniac wouldn't let on about their role.

The game's set in the '50s, but expect a more modern U.S. landscape as well as a focus on the aerial side of the Chimeran attack.

The game's AI has been overhauled -- they have improved routines and detachable armor pieces -- and boss battles will be more important than ever.

Exciting, no? We'll have more info on Resistance 2 as it becomes available, but for the full scoop, check out Game Informer's February issue.

01-11-2008, 11:22 PM
sounds tight i still play number 1 online