View Full Version : 01/09 Kumble's fears realised

01-09-2008, 01:10 PM
India captain Anil Kumble has said that he asked Australian counterpart Ricky Ponting not to make a formal complaint against Harbhajan Singh over the racist comment he allegedly made to Andrew Symonds.

Kumble said that he had approached Ponting following the incident during last week's second Test in Sydney and, fearing the situation might spiral out of control, he suggested the matter might be resolved between the two teams.

However, Ponting responded by apparently telling the Indian skipper that he had already reported it to the umpires.

Speaking to reporters in Canberra on Wednesday, Kumble said: "When that incident happened I did make a request to Ricky Ponting that it should be handled, if it can be sorted out, whatever.

"His response was that it had already been reported.

"Having played cricket for this long, (I knew) such an allegation would definitely spiral into what it has now. I anticipated that it would spiral into a larger issue."

Pontings an idiot... What you guys think?