View Full Version : 10/02/07 Styles P Speaks On J Hood Leaving D Block

10-02-2007, 05:01 PM
D-Block has lost a member. The crew's young rapper, J. Hood has asked to leave the crew. Now, Styles P speaks on why Hood left, what he feels Hood did wrong and even adds information about his forthcoming projects.
"I don't understand Hood though, because Hood came up to me before all the stuff on the Internet...He was unhappy. I got love for Hood. He came up under us, he was unhappy, his album wasn't out. So I was like, 'Cool, you want out, there's no fine. I'll go talk to the lawyers, no problem.' A week later, I see the Internet stuff, him dragging the D-Block chain. It's dumb," he told MTV.
With that behind him, he's ready for the future. He's currently working on a new LP, Super Gangster, Extraordinary Gentleman. Currently, they are hoping Styles can release the LP in early December. D-Block is still looking for a recording home.
For now, they grind on mixtapes. Styles also spoke on the new music he's releasing. Styles is releasing The Phantom Menace mixtape. On the tape, he speaks about the current grind.
"This is my art. For some people it's a job, for some people this is art. This is my job, my art, my everything. [My engineer] Poobs picks the beats sometimes. We build on everything. He was hitting me since last year like, 'You gotta do the "Please Listen to My Demo" joint.' I murdered it. That's what we do," he said of his new track, "Please, Listen to My Mixtape."