View Full Version : What They Say Part 2 Freestyle

08-27-2007, 02:34 PM
niggaz tought i was done for good , hoping i would die in the guttar without food//
i'm still the inmortal from tha hood , still backed up with a fucked up mood//
all tha haters praying guns wouldnt comeback in the BC , acting stupid like they cant see me//
little puppets acting like i aint a B.G , niggaz know Guns is still a MIO O.G//
shooting cannons while pussy's duck down , stupid mothafuckaz like santana act like a crack clown//
people better fear G.G runnin em down , better keep my name out ya mouth before ya get knocked-down//
if ya dont believe that ya ass will get burned by my flame , your ass is totally insane//
ya aint ready for the giants in this game , better run back to momma before ya get hurt by my rain//
people dont wanna end up under a train , i'm about to smack you up and take your gay fame//
fool stop acting way to gay , before ya gonna see gotti shooting his A-K//
you dont wanna end up in fucking bombay , so better sit back and watch ya ass gettin dumped in norway//
niggaz lives is more worth then ya stupid gamez , so excuse me if i'm the one who spread the blames//
you dont wanna die standing in my flames , ya better sit back next to your boyfriend's lames//
subbliminal shots are the reason ya gonna end up without your legs , so before ya gonna responds lay some eggs//
homie dont run up to me thinking ya can pass my mackz , we all ready know you like dragz//
dumb bitches never learn , is this the reason they all burn//
you sound way too much like a girl , is it me or do you wear a curl//

G.G is back for a second and gone for a minute ......i might comeback someday .....this one is for fun ......i aint the nigga who used to love all this beef bullshit ....... this is all i gotta say .....i'm not gonna waste my best shit on him ....i got better things to do .........

i might respond back sometime .....soon

the following up 2 Part 1 (http://www.murderinc-online.com/usforum/showthread.php?t=23112)