View Full Version : Aint my beef, but you still piss me off

08-27-2007, 04:05 AM

I don't usually do this, but now i got the green light,
The people saw my last rhymes and they tell me "that shit was 'aight",
So I think ill keep goin now and continue to do this,
Time to call out them faggots with tight shorts but loose lips,
Coz you know I eat suckers for breakfast like sultana bran,
Hands up MIO if you really a santana fan?
Every diss that we make is just a response to your first one,
We not really fussed though man, see lando kick back and burn one,
You say you didn't even have no serious beef though,
Then why start that thread called "no one runs MIO"?
Still callin out names...when you gon' learn, yo?
Nobody runs this...did you forget about dermo?
You makin threats that you can't even follow up,
We know you just fakin though,
Hidin the fact that you swallow nut,
Every single one of you disses has been piss weak,
And you stuck in the closet, like we was playin hide and seek,
Life is precious dogg, it aint cool to gamble it,
You dissin half MIO? man, make sure you can handle it,
You got a mouth so big, it aint even hard to sit in,
All those names in there, and my dick will still fit in,
You makin all these threats, but you won't ever make a gat click,
"You dont want me to bring it"...man, you make me sick,
HA! see that? wasn't that a nice trick?
You were hopin i was gonna rhyme "click" with "dick".
I could put that red dot on your head like an indian wife,
Pull the trigger, let it fly and thats the end of your life,
Your verses are wack, its like trying to rhyme "orange"
[SANTANA:] "Orange huh? orange...orange....fuck that!,
Fuck Lando, fuck MAW, fuck GUNS, fuck kiss!
Who cares if I can't rhyme? Its just how I diss!
As long as I say names, whose gonna know I dont possess,
Any musical talent, and no lyrical prowess?"

Half your third verse the other day was stolen lines,
Did you think we wouldnt notice? this is murder inc online!
If you dont wanna respond, fuck makin a song,
Just go on home, we wont miss you when your gone.