View Full Version : Police Find Half-Pound Of Suspected Drugs In DMX's Home

08-26-2007, 12:45 AM
Police who raided the Cave Creek, Arizona home of superstar rapper DMX have revealed that they have found a half-pound of suspected illegal narcotics, adding to to a list of charges that could be possibly filed against the rapper.

Officers in Maricopa County raided DMX's house on Friday (August 24), after neighbors complained to police that dogs were being subjected to the extreme Arizona heat and that the animals were constantly barking and being mistreated.

Police obtained a search warrant and raided the rapper's house.

They found 12 distressed dogs on the property, as well as the remains of three burned carcasses and a cache of "assault-style" type of weapons.

In addition to the half-pound of suspected drugs, police said several cars had licensed plates that could not be traced.

Of the 12 dogs recovered, only two dogs were pit bulls, the rest a type of mastiff, police have clarified.

While police have admitted that there is no indication that the dogs were used in fights, Sgt. Sherry Beckley said that when police found the dogs, they were very thin and malnourished.

"It is our understanding that those dogs were left in there 23 hours and 15 minutes a day," Sgt. Beckley said. "Somebody would come by once a day and apparently let them out and that is when they had their food and water."

DMX's attorney Murray Richman said that the rapper hired a caretaker to watch the dogs while is out of the country on a tour of various European countries.

"He has not been there for two months," Richman said in a statement. "He hired a caretaker to take care of the property. DMX is currently on tour. He is not in the U.S."

People who lived near DMX said that he was far from a model neighbor, between the dogs and the rapper's habit of riding his four-wheeler through the area.

"He would just drive very fast down the road on Quads," a neighbor told local News Channel 12. "When you have 10 Quads going down the road, at a very high speed, it creates a lot of dust."

No charges have been filed against DMX and the investigation is on going.