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The Illustrious One
08-23-2007, 11:49 PM
Talib Kweli Gives College Students A Chance To Get Him To Their School
Published: Thursday - August 23, 2007

Warner Bros. Music has teamed up with Eventful, the leading global events website, to help cross promote the release of Talib Kweli's latest album, Eardrum, to thousands of college students across the country.

Via the agreement, Talib Kweli will use Eventful's Demand service to add five university performances to his 2007-2008 tour. Launched on Tuesday (August 21), the same day he dropped his new release, the Demand competition for Talib Kweli will continue through October 3, at Eventful with the five winning colleges being announced on October 4.

"I live on the road; I'm constantly on tour and I really love feeding off the energy of my fans at all my shows," said Talib Kweli. "Some of my favorite shows of all time have been at colleges, so when Eventful brought this to my attention, I immediately became interested, especially since a lot of college kids have been hittin' me up about playing at their university. This gives them the opportunity to make it happen for themselves."

"We love helping fans connect with Talib Kweli and influence where he performs," added Eventful's CEO, Jordan Glazier. "We've taken 'user-generated concert tours' one step further by adding the ability for Demands to take place across colleges, giving students the ability to attract performers to their campus."

Along with MySpace, YouTube and iTunes, Eventful is quickly becoming an essential part of the online marketing toolkit for performers and artists. Their Demand service is unique from other online user-generated content services as it empowers users to actually influence real world events. It provides a mechanism for users to band together and influence the appearance schedule of performers, politicians and any other events that users would like to take place. Additionally, Eventful offers users the largest selection of events taking place in cities throughout the world, with over 3 million future events to choose from.

Fans can log on to Eventful.com/TalibKweli, MySpace.com/TalibKweli, and TalibKweli.com to Demand a performance from Talib Kweli at their college campus.


08-23-2007, 11:50 PM
Thats gon be a lucky school who gets him

08-23-2007, 11:50 PM
Love tha new album. Its his worse, and Im lovin it.