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08-02-2007, 10:36 PM
This is a small tribute if u will to sum bars dat i picked out of my songs and mixtapes (Most no recorded yet) didnt go thru them al theres way more than 21 but the title called for only dat amount lol. They arent super lyrical, i dont waste time with bein too difficult and technical they jus str8 frward and pretty nice so peep.

Strikts tha ‘Man, Son’ like Marilyn
Ridin on tha dark side like lil’ Annakin/
(Bar Wars/Bar Wars Mixtape)

Fo real tho dat’s why I doubt ur raps
Ur whole towns faker than the house of wax/
(Fake Azz Rappaz/Bar Wars Mixtape)

Why u tryna Ban My Shine?
We Needa New Name Fo Tha Human Race Coz Man ain’t Kind/
(No Luv Rmx/Bar Wars Mixtape)

I hold up my pants with Orions belt
Ho’s got bar codes behind tha scalp/
(House Of 9/Bar Wars Mixtape)

Are u really Great like Alexander?
Or just Collin Farrel the common actor?
(House Of 9/Bar Wars Mixtape)

Rip holes In Ya Hull U Goin Down Like Titanium Ships
Roll On Tha Strip & ‘Blow Up’ At A Bitch Like An Iranian Pimp/
(E-quiped 2 rip)

Thinkin you’re the god type, sayin to HELL WITH ME?
Strikt9’6 world famous in NZ like L&P/
(E-qiped 2 rip) (L&P is a drink and world famous in NZ is the slogan)

Strikt9…..The Mutha Fuckin Livest Rappa
Adda Lil Gunpowder Now Ima Fyia Cracka/
(U Made a Mistake) (Wordplay is my crew FYIA N GUNPOWDER)

Don’t feel my lines but I bet’cha wifey will
Think ya rhymes culd ‘kill a man’ u havin illusions like Cypress Hill/
(Industry Shady/FGP Album Best of Both Worlds)

Call me Frost Constantine Wit Da Beam on The Crucifix Shotgun Revolver
Doin Gods work on earth, Deportin’ Deze Devil Souljahz/
(Frost Constantine Freestyle)

Your like a male prostitute dat charge by the inch, your jus a 2$ hooker/
(Jus a punchline)

The Style Is Foul That Strikt Fathom
On Stage Blazed Wildn’out like Nick Cannon
(GD Elite/The Fellowship Mixtape)

Clap At Tha Floor; To See Ya Tap Toes
Jack Frost; Attracting Ho’s With My 24 Carrot Nose/
(Jack Frizzle)

Im No Dentist But I’ll Adjust Dat Dental
When I Draw Back & Slap U Silly Like Yoshimitzu/
(Jack Frizzle)

Spit It Heated; Im Splifted, Weeded
Gifted MC, Strikt; 96 Styles Im Clean With/
(Jack Frizzle)

Wat More Can I Say; Soulz Get Warn For Tryna Walk This Way
Jaw Prolly Pop Like a Cork Fo Tryna Talk This Way/
(Jack Frizzle)

Mt. Everest Resident;
Wear So Much Bling On My Neck You Thought I Wore a Treasure Chest/
(Jack Frizzle)

All tha People Flocked Around
I Gave My Flesh For Bread n Blood Like Wine To Wash it Down
Not Cha Average 80% Watered Down Sorta Clown/
(The Ultimate Motivation)

Cha not in Cansas no more no standard laws of gravity
It’s up to you ta hold down ya family/
(A Few Bars From Mars) Prod. Eyebagz

Why u braggin about ur bags of clout when ur on the Benefit
(NZ version of Welfare lol)
Saw u the other day with a ‘Fag’ in yo mouth & I don’t mean a cigarette/
(Not Made)

If you heard I was the best, it wasn’t a joke
If u declare ur self the dopest, dat means there wasn’t a vote/
(Not Made)

Hope u liked em peace

08-02-2007, 11:17 PM
21 bar salute,my car fuel is purr purr like garfield.
these bar kill,like the ammo in my gun 9 Mill.
Yo nice rap Loc, want to hear more audio mayne. keep doing your thing,i like reading these real rap text thang.1

Ttown MC
08-03-2007, 01:34 AM
as usualy a soldier salutes

08-03-2007, 02:07 AM
Looks Good

08-03-2007, 08:18 AM
looking definitly forward to your audios...like i told you...str8 fiya