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06-25-2007, 04:26 PM
audio hear it here.........www.myspace.com/therealson

i wrote this somewat half a year ago... i just recorded so... tell me wat u guys think....

At first everything seem so picture perfect

But now its time to pack our case to seeing the verdict

Separation , we went from bless to see less than nothing more

We had each other, so what more could we ask for?

Our wealth of love I felt when you hug me

But the trust we fight let love passed us early

How can this be? We promised to live together as everlasting

Till death do us part, and now I ask, Do we have no passion?

It must be crazy if we are this forgetful

We haven't grown old, Is their a mysterious anger that upsets you?

If its bothering inside, no need to cry in being loud

we are mature adults now, we have to work this out

If we let this pass, what battles can we can konquer?

We had a miss belief now our minds are set to wonder

A little fight can soak for days and times it last

We suffer the damages, but the cost we never ask?

If objects can be fixed how come we can't be like this

It cost us money, how come not love? when its " Priceless"

Questions are meant to be ask, and Im asking you

Can't you remember the times we laugh at the stupid things we do

Its the small and little things that we take for granted

WHile big things surpass, what's left we never planned it

A battle is not lost, if you learn your mistakes

Im sticking through untile its resolves, doing whatever it takes

Wipe them tears because its now time to dry

A person cannot argue by themself if theirs only I

Im rellocating comitments and setting responsibility

for mhy own actions even if it takes the man in me

I want you to understand no barriers will stand between us

Even though we are distance the troublesome I've done

To treating you less than the lady you are

I to realize the pain, recognizing my own cause

of the late nights Ive played to the long nights you cried

Even at my worst, you stayed down being by my side

Yet, you never left me behind, grounds you stood

While I would fuss for my excuse, never recognizing your goods

Im setting on standby, on all them days with laughter

Recalling my memory hoping it would come a little faster

To fill the room with warmth , with the comfort air

Because without you my heart is lonely, the space to share

The room is geting cold while the darkness is seeking in

I come to turn the lights wishing it would come to an end

This dispair gives me nightmares, it won't go away

But in doing so, I know I have to earn it back in the right ways

So here is me, In this state Im no use

To give me a chance in rebuilding the truth

In us starting over, Im asking for help

Please except this letter from me, Im writing a long letter to myself

06-25-2007, 05:26 PM
you never leave feed...don't expect that you'll get something...

06-25-2007, 05:59 PM
ur worst! lol...sum advice never try and remake a pac track, also u sayin the words twice is wackness if u cant echo dat shit i duno shulda neva done this track lol.

Delete dawg lol.

06-25-2007, 06:30 PM
yea...work on your breathing...I can rap the verse easily and it sounds pretty good lol...but it's a holy track...one I love...remixing such stuff isn't good. Like I said, I rap your text and you were pretty fast for such a slow track where you need feelings as fuck. But you have no feelings in it. And like LoC said...the double saying sucks. if it's at the same time...cool but you said it twice...after the other one.

Lowkey Tha Warrior
06-25-2007, 06:51 PM
aye....this workz and it dont, it workz cuz what you wrote is pretty dope, but ya flow, and how you laid it down turned this beat against you dawg...

this a tough track to hammer down, what program do you use to record wit.?

07-02-2007, 01:49 AM
lyrics are nice
you dont see ready for audio yet. The audio doesnt have good flow or delivery but on a bight side i think you def have the voice for audio. You need to get the flow, delivery and breathing patern down because once you practice and get it down you will have the lyrics and voice to do decently.