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06-18-2007, 03:25 PM
Saigon Apologizes and Signs With Violator Management

During the back and forth blog posting between Just Blaze and Saigon it seems as if some things were said that might have been taken in the wrong context. Saigon has put up another blog in hopes to resolve the issue.

“First things first, I wanna put shit in its proper perspective ...Just Blaze is not only my friend and my producer...But he is a GREAT example of a black man..I know alot of people hear his name and his music and assume that Blaze means he must smoke some POWERFUL shit before he goes into make a beat but your talking about a man who never smoked weed in his life...He has never drank alcohol in his life. he has extensive morals and is VERY family oriented.. If I had a child and were looking for someone to set an example of what it means to be a stand up guy, I couldnt think of anyone better than Justin Smith aka Just Blaze to do so....I know yall see the back and forth shit between us and I admit I was stupid for my part in it...But its like 2 brothers fighting in the street when they couldve went inside the house and shot 5 in their bedroom...You will NEVER see that again so I hope you enjoyed it...I love Just Blaze to death and I will bleed or make someone else bleed for that dude...Not because he makes good beats or he produced my album, but because he has a big heart...Im cool with his Mom, Brother and Auntie (who is super cool).... And since I was dumb enough to engage in this online public fued..Im man enough to use the same forum to apologize to him for not just calling him and expressing whatever I felt was wrong..If you read this my Nigga, I apologize..Real spit...U my nigga..” Saigon said via MySpace blog.

Saigon also took this post as an outlet to announce his latest break through with the record industry. The Brooklyn emcee is now signed to Violator Management!

“Now on to the point of this Blog....With my now VERY public discontent with not the label, but MY personal sitiuation at the label, I figured I needed to get some BIG guns to help my sitiuation.. Im sure there will be more understanding now hahaha...

...Yes its officially official..I am now managed by Violator and the stakes are higher than ever...Its a problem, TRUST.....God works in mysterious ways but he works..hahahaha..Im very proud to be a part of such a prestigous comany who has put in so much work in the business...Not only has Violator stood the test of time, they also are innovating the wave of the future so as we say in hood "Im good Money"......Ive pretty much been managing myself this whole time (6 years) and already in this short time (a week), Ive already seen a world of difference..."


06-18-2007, 04:09 PM
Thats str8, I aint a fan of Tha Lighty Brothers, but as long as they manage him good.... I just hope he knows 2 stay away from a couple of tha mothafuckas signed with 'em (5-O & Busta).

06-19-2007, 03:20 PM
Chris Lighty needs a kick in his ass ..i dislike the due for real ....dickridding G Unit all day