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06-13-2007, 11:53 PM
Rumored track list & lil' article.

Mic Geronimo as been bustin' charts with hit singles like "Shit's Real", "Master I.C." and "Nothin' Move But the Money" since the start of his career. His first album, The Natural, is considered a Hip Hop classic and featured Royal Flush, 0.C and The Lost Boys. He then went on to release Vendetta, which featured Jay-Z, Jah Rule, Diddy, The Lox, DMX, and Tragedy. These two classic albums solidified his position as one of the best MCs in the game.
In 2007 Mic Geronimo will release his most recent and anticipated album Alive. Alive provides fans with exactly what they want, a mixture of hard hitting raps about life on the streets of NY and soulful stories about the ups and downs of life. Mic Geronimo's lyrical skills are blended perfectly with some of the hottest beats around, thanks to production credits from Large Professor, Jimi Kendrix, B.U.D.A and Self Servlce.

1. Survive -
2. What Makes You Think -
3. Hear Dat Pop -
4. Click Clap -
5. My Baby -
6. Shot! -
7. Harms Way -
8. Robnery 101 feat. Super Cargo Man -
9. Back Down feat. Royal Flush -
10. The City -
11. All Good -
12. My City feat. Blade Brown -
13. I'm Up Now (This is from Long Road Back so I doubt it's gonna be on the album)