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06-13-2007, 01:39 PM

that is the audio link to the song.. and my other songs

Runaway luv lyrics

Journeying thru lifes quest
Tru life said it best/
Please runaway love, i don't need u
Love u cant exist if my feelings don't feed you

Luv so many things, feelings is now uncertain
Luv so many things, feelings is not the same person
Luv so many things, can't u see that im hurting
Luv so many things, Im on ignitaed with destruction
Runaway luv I can't keep you
Runaway luv, depart before the heart hears you
Runaway luv,
Emotions runs deep and now I cant see you
Runaway luv, before it kills me to
Runaway luv, just runaway

Runaway Luv, your a devil in disguise
Beautiful eyes, look me in a way that got my heart rised
yet u got no truth behind ur accents, can it be lies
Keep me chasing, but you can't keep ur lights on like fireflies
flying solo, so i can't see where the plane is
On a different plataeu, crazy how elevation changes
My luv for you was at its highest peak and now it can't stand
Hear my soul speak, how its clingin on of wat's left of this alvanche
Were distance from two point perspective feets
I want to meet u on the horizon, where the horizon lines meet
Let the Sun Shed some light on me
Clouds outkast you of whats left in me
Those rainy days slowly faded our colors away
We walk by, and our eyes barely gape for a word to say
Drawn-out, escapin our troubles how we call out
Runaway Luv, luv so many things
Now we both Runawy Luvs

Runaway Luv, runaway from the despair that own us
Runaway Luv, runaway from the tears that washed us
Runawy Luv, runaway when our dispute were ends of our closure
Runawy Luv, how u goin to runaway when the pain grabbled us closer
Runaway luv, can our hearts runaway forvever
Make ends meet, is the only way our attracts get better
As a person we can hide, aggresion tend to rise
Emotions are our facial expression, it can't be hide inside
We are like two projetiles of stars
One one diferent time zones. distance from our calls