View Full Version : Yukmouth arrest Update

06-10-2007, 06:58 PM
I didn't want to post the news of Yukmouth's arrest earlier in the week without first reaching out to him to make sure the details were straight; I've kept in touch with Yuk on and off for about 10 years now. Yuk remained in custody so we couldn't get in touch with him, until now! Yuk just posted $40,000 and bailed out and reached out to StreetHop.com to set the record straight.

The rapper was arrested at 4:00AM Sunday morning on Highland Blvd in Hollywood on his way to pick up some food. According to Yukmouth he was pulled over in his S550 Mercedes Benz for having tinted windows.

He was charged for the windows and arrested due to a warrant for an old DUI case that he hadn't finished the classes for.

"I would have bailed out the first night," Yukmouth told StreetHop.com, "but they said I had court in the morning so I said fuck it, I'll go to court and see what the judge says. I ended up getting lost in the system and was in a holding tank all fucking day while I was supposed to be on the bus to court so I had to wait another fucking day. Then I get to court and the judge acting like I'm Paris Hilton and shit, trying to punish me, so I pushed my court date back and bailed out!"

In regards to the charges Yuk had this to say, "They wanna act like it's a murder case or something? This is a petty ass DUI case come on now! I didn't get caught drunk driving crashing into cars with an 8 ball of cocaine on my front seat like Lindsay Lohan! They on some Hollywood shit since the Paris Hilton shit like everybody gotta do time since they made the bitch Paris do time. So I bailed out, fuck 'em you can't keep a boss nigga down!"

Yuk has the double CD mixtape Lord Of War coming out soon as well as his much anticipated studio album, Million Dollar Mouthpiece.