View Full Version : Smile remix ( audio ) beta and improve by clasik

06-05-2007, 04:56 PM
My best work yet.. flow is on point ,, beat also.. quality excellent..
download smile remix by clasik http://download.yousendit.com/FCF0006B061598D4

Speaking : If life always takes it course
The questions is, are u gonna let it guide your fate

We gota keep moving shaping like water
Nevea collide. ocean tides keeps us from goin farther
Smile even through the deepeest cuts and wounds
Precede to tread ,even through the muddy tails and ruins
Becuz They say a broken bones, Heals in beta quality
So don't be afraid to take hits, imagine how stronger you can be
Transgress, discount your defense,
overcome your barriers, let your emotion be your sense
it can guide you also, so don't desregard your mind to follow
Even strongest feelings, need intellect to sour throughs sorrows
Devils knocking at doors, is just sounds of ringing bells
Standing still, will only root you, to what your already fail
Do yourself a favor, Be your savior,
don't take it out on yourself ,
it will only bring more hardships later
If survivals are on death beds fightin to be alive
Ignore the pain, how can they be at peace without seeing u smile

They say " cowards die a thousand life, a soldier but once"
Be distine to stand up for your belief, disregard what your conscious may want
Dreams fly fast, guidance is to chase the wind
Don't be a quietstorm, only the loud one ascend
Innermost feelings are to reveal, get push to be driven
Theirs no stoppin you thoughts, its depriving against a irrevelant reason
If it gets the best of you, I see why the good die young
Your inflexible determination shatter when a challenge comes
Get caught in you own dusk, now you vision distorted
You are blur by the contest, by your heart never forfeits
You are spell with fatigue, exhaustion but still breathing
Picture as you last fight, mentality can't be beaten

you got to learn never to give in
adapt to every situation and stay to it , to the very end
their are not always an answer to every problem
Put your mind to it, results are different with every outcome
Who knows what god have plan?
follow the guidance of your heart, what are the odds of a chance?
never be afraid speak, express your views
you have nothing to lose , only probablity your against is "you"
take a stand and let your voice be heard
If it takes one for a class to listen , then the world is yours
Open doors rest on the power of your finger tips
Put it to work, sky of limits are endless
never take no for an answer , its never wrong
its only guiding you to the correct path so stay strong
Tell me which one is stronger, when it takes many men to push patience?
While it only takes one to mark a revelation! (its ancient)

An as we journey through the hands of time
Never forget what u have left behind
Don't forget where u come from, your roots
Stay true to ur culture and to rememeber stand tall

Tell me wat u guys think.. much apreciation thanks...
Its my best work yet..

06-06-2007, 09:44 AM
clasik, could it b possible for u to put a link up to a soundclick or a myspace r sumet? its upto u, its jus that id love to give it a listen but if i d/l i forget to go open folder n listen to it, its jus too much hassle fo me, where as if u have a soundclick i can jus listen to all of em there n then right after each other! thanks

06-06-2007, 10:12 AM
put it on myspace or soundclick...I don't want to download every track by you...thx

06-06-2007, 11:26 AM
http://www.myspace.com/idothisson / i post all my audios in myspace

06-06-2007, 03:47 PM
thanks Clasik, its not cos i dont want ur raps, lol, its only cos ill forget to listen to em later that way, ill have a listen right now...