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06-04-2007, 08:59 PM
My thread description is the best writtens eva invisioned
Close ur eyes and listen to my precise precision of spittin
I concoct with a plot, too hot, burn thru ya mittens
I got em smitten purin like kittens whistling like pidgeons
A flock of bitches where eva im sittin, countin my riches
Lickin their fingaz poutin & its not even xmas
Thats when i say u been a bad girl u on my dick list
Unwrap my 'boxes' stick this in ya mouth like a candy cain
Im branded tha candy mayne, say my name 3 times i bang ya face
Every word i slang with grace, like a swan on top of a pond,
Thats how i flow, that's how you know, wat im on, above & beyond
A thug in a storm, dug under tha corn, he whos comes leaves the women scorn
Until hell has no fury left, ima rough rugged and FURI-OUS
Serious, cats get run over flat for actin CURI-OUS

And there it is........

06-04-2007, 09:06 PM
Alright 1 more to even tha score
I can do it all night, like a whore
'Fuck' with you take ya money show u tha door
You up tha river without an ORR, OR
A Paddle, no matta u not winnin tha battle
I saddle up, mad as fuck crunchy as crunchie nuts
Twice as sweet, i got twice tha heat
Tha light from tha mic made my life complete
Now i recite ova tight beats & white leaf, paper
Ima white Cheif, playa, mite be tha mayor
If i wasnt so crooked, look it i cook it better than Jamie Oliver
Twist, and pop my colla while tha impala hop like a muh fuka
Hey, thats how i do it the NZ way, we play?
Fool take it EA-SA'Y, im like Heman, tha G way
Don't swing a blade i spit tha heat waves
One str8 punch leave ya face slumped
You ready to drop like a bitch in her 8th month
Come tha 9th, u ready to drop double time
Come out, pussy, rub ya eyes and cry
Get cut like umbilical cords see tha lyrical lord, that is I,


06-04-2007, 11:45 PM
Here i go again writin lines with a 'stolen' pen
So u know wat eva i spin it's 'Hot'
Like it or not im out for ya spot take it on tha chin then drop
I'll spin ya top like a breakdancer, im gettin my cake faster
Sumthin like lake placid, my teeth eat meat sumthin jurrassic
Massive, fuckin clasik, you suckin a glass dick u cracked bastard
I'll light you with matches now ur on fire like richard prior
Watch u burn like wood and call u elijah
I align my self with the livest rappaz with fire saliva
My desire to get higher like voices in a choir
Makes me wana acquire all the money i can formulate
Forge my fate, in the history books as a vet in audio & txt
Let my fossils be found by the next & see my rep was T-Rex
With tha bones n flesh of my victims inside my neck i left fresh
I wish death upon myself, jus so i can meet tha devil
If i go to heaven give me a shovel i'll take it down a level, ya dig

06-05-2007, 12:07 AM
Im cussin em out, bustin em out
Don't get punched in the mouth
For talkin out of ur neck show respect
Or ima go and get two old connects
From DEATH-ROW make ya head roll, with no regrets
Shit im so vexed at these weak mcz
Tryna speak on me like i can't speak for myself
Its in ya best intrest & health to stay quiet as a mouse
Or a riot mite break out, in ur house
Put my dick so far up ya spouse
It bust out her tits thru her blouse, (OUCH)
No1 can spit it like me off tha dome
Im off tha hook like a hot girls phone
Tryna avoid u stalkin wack talkin'
Fag boiz, keep at it boi tha plank ya walkin
Ya ass im chalkin' like damn boi
The remains left not gon match tha coffin
I often spit it like this, while other mcz give it a miss
Like i'll spit tomorrow, need sum rhymes to borrow
And burrow thru tha net lookin for text
Like porn addicts lookin for sex, on other sites
Like sum fuckin parasites, but without me there is no life
LOC won't become a host to ur hoax and joke lyrical brokeness
Think you dope remember who wrote this, tha monster of the LOCNESS

06-05-2007, 12:30 AM
After shit like that i shuld take my spit back
For real tho, how can u sleep on my skill bro
So comfortably like a pillow, i come hard like armodillo's
Silky as silk clothes, im ill yo
Rand thru more pussy than dildo's
YO YO, im fly u flightless like a DO, DO
Or is it ur jus extinct like one
I take out my knife like what!
Take one big breath
Then i slice ya lung & deflate ya chest

06-05-2007, 01:44 AM
Lol, First One Was The Best, We Needa Audio Collab For Sure Though

06-05-2007, 08:02 PM
Damn ppl sleepin on ya boi....thanks nick

06-06-2007, 12:02 PM
I like the 3rd one

06-06-2007, 10:53 PM
God damn Loc thats straight fucking sickness, freestyling that shit of the dome, yall wait till u hear the Audio to his shit.