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Ttown MC
05-02-2007, 09:45 PM
Imma handle my hustle till the day i die
Yeah the work make me tierd but i cant close my eyes
Youd be damn to think this oppurtunity aint knock
Cuz i need to stack chips an hit the jewlery shop
I need money on the tank an a new pair of bose
carhart and timbs cuz these winters get cold
This beginner gets old, thats for you political dudes
How yall goen hate on some invisible shoes
But it seems liek dayum yall do too much talkin
man shut the fuck up when teh dutch is sparkin
Cuz dukes talk shit liek i wont blow they heads in
Liek they wont get robbed thinkin they some dope boy vetreans
Chill with that noise it aint news to me
Yall some lame ass dudes an thats whatchu choose to be
it aint news to me, cuz you always was,
bitch im grimy tryna come up all day huh

haha chea i come back, I, I, I, I come back

Every years the same scince 2001 this boards been in a blaze
T set this bros straihgt, so every queer on the texts gets faced
I rewrote the manual on crack in words, im somethin like speech from verbs
I demand applause cuz i oversee the dawgs
Barkin n sparkin jsut to get the hogs
I still got looseys an clips on lay-away for cheap
You texters these days drop boat loads of cash an expect reciepts
Im gurantted quality so i cop new shit erry day
I thoguth you was ill, you jsut sick an a disgrace
I embalm minds like a septure on the cliffs
I part red seas but im talkin domes from clips
I got cleavland dro roll calis kush
That swisher still smokin bro, thats a deadly push
Thinkin twice as hard so you hurt ya temples
ill rub em with thec while cops trace em wit stenciles
Death on teh sidewalk thats a chalk line, green ward
When i crack my knuckles the letters dissapear from my keyboard

05-03-2007, 09:04 AM
some hoooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttt shitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!



05-03-2007, 11:35 AM
This beginner gets old, thats for you political dudes
How yall goen hate on some invisible shoes

That Shit Sounds Like A Sublime Made For Me Lol, Look At My Posts In The Swapmeet