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Ttown MC
02-11-2007, 10:34 PM
SCARFACE1736: Aihgt Black...First off where you from man...let these mofuckers into the live of the Black CoKane

Black Cokane: Souf Syde Australia...N My Lyfestyles? Broke Struglin..But Doin Ma Thang 2 Survive As well

SCARFACE1736: Word man...i feel that shit..ive had my struggles along the way to...But on this shit....how did you get to MIO an how did you become the newest member of CBR

Black Cokane: U Hooked me Up....N Fo Sum reason I Just Rolled Wid it...N Here I Am

SCARFACE1736: Can you elaborate on that...where were you beofre the Inc. what were osme of the accomplishments you had there?

Black Cokane: every where...DT..Is Da main Wun....couple addaz but wasnt active on does...dey was boring.....yeh well on Dt..i werked real hard on ma writin...n elevated...was leader of 2 crews....(wun folded of course)....elevation is ma biggest acomplishment..fuck da rest

SCARFACE1736: DAmn good attitude homie...Now what do you think about the site an members...have you goten a chance to read up on some of them?

Black Cokane: Yeh i Saw Sum Verses...Sum real Illness...Sum Need Werk....But Shyte Even my Shyte Needs Werk(lil rusty) but sites all hood...aint reall kno many but im startin 2 kno a few...No Haterz Ive Noticed Which is Good

SCARFACE1736: yeah man the site real good at times....ppl roun here aint on beefin to much but once in awhile shit gets popin...what is your list of things youd liek to do while under the CBR clique?

Black Cokane: Wats needed Full stop....just keep dropin fresh shyte...elevate a bit mo...earn sum respect..crew wise n personally...just do wha da boss says..nuhh wha i mean

SCARFACE1736: Boss lol im likein that title lol....aigh tho homie what were your influences on rap growing up...does coming from australia have any certain affect on your style of influences?

Black Cokane: my influence....was poverty,pain,n hurtin fuckin me up...Rap Was Only Thang Dat Made me Smile...Its lyke I was made Fo it....but australia doesnt influence my raps..i spit wat i hear c or experiance..some tyme i spit bouh aids n starvin ethiopians...my spits r mo thoughts den actions...but no fake shyte tho ya dig

Black Cokane: ok Jada,J-hood/d-block...Cassidy(his freestyles wen high r ill,big,scarface /gettoboys..eazy-e...coygunz....so many 2 name....jae millz...grave diggaz,the game,2pac,lloyd banks,2 many 2 name

SCARFACE1736: aight aihgt man thats a good list right there....Outta the site an from drops youve read give me a list of some of the top TXTEES on the MIO website bro?

Black Cokane: enzyme,flux,cap..t-town ect...just wha i seen i aint cheked da whole site..so hope i didnt upset no wun

SCARFACE1736: cool man you named some of the top ppl right there...when jinder an summer get on youll have ot speak wit em they real godo with this txt shit.....on another note...how do you feel about cats that dont defend htere titles?

Black Cokane: ummm....depends....i neva held wun...im not whack....just lackin confadence.....but if u won da title wat mo do u have 2 proove?? honestly....den again...compatition wanna battle da best fo da title i guess...nuhh wha i meann....i dunno really

SCARFACE1736: So if you win a title...an you never defend it does trhat make you worthy of the title you hold?

Black Cokane: U Won it right....somewon betta is always gon come along...n bailin out is betta den a big L in ya record....but honestly...its da net hu gives a fuck....its all in fun in da end....not lyke a label gon sign u fo holdin a title fo eva....ya feel me

SCARFACE1736: Aihgt man thats real talk i see your point...but to chopz fluxx an all other who hold titles my eyes its youg ot it defend it you aint somethign special youa int defendin ya shit.....get to it. Now final question Black.....wheres hte name come from an any final shoutouts to ppl

Black Cokane: black= ma aboriginal heritage(dey blak skinned) Cokane=ma whyte heritage...shout out 2 all haters...((Werdz R Werdz...I Eat Em 2 Elevate So Eatah Dick)) Oh Yeh CBR, COMMISSION Holla at me lol

Newest CBR Recruit Mofuckers ~Black CoKane~, do what you does lil daddy

02-12-2007, 03:02 AM
cool interview!welcome CoKane!

POC Was Here
02-12-2007, 11:50 AM
Nice Interview. Good To Get An Insight Into 1 Of The New Dudes On The Site.

Stay Up.

02-12-2007, 06:36 PM
where ya'll found him from? just curious...

Ttown MC
02-12-2007, 07:05 PM
Black you can anwser that i forgot the site i foudn it on accidet an jsut liked the dudes style...i wanan say somethign like twisted wordz....idk dont remember

02-13-2007, 03:25 AM
Yeh Twisted werds or lyrikz da site was dead lol.....i did a key style dere n dat was ma only post it was lame,new n borin