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01-01-2007, 09:41 PM

A Year Full Of Tears And Pain, Joy, Emotionally Dominated, Same As Ever
A Year Full Of Fears And Gain, Ploy? Consistently Elated, Stay Game Forever
Reflect On Past Mistakes, Smile Remembering Actions Of Me And My Friends
Past Horrors Awake, Vile Memories Decimate My Soul, Heart Tries To Mend
The Times I Snarled And Cursed Those Close, Embarassed As I Recall
However, I Know Others Worst, I Could Boast, My Good Deeds Enroll
Report Home My Mum Proud, Academic Achievements Eclipse Other Years
MIO, Voicing My Thoughts Loud, Family Troubles Ensure Unforgetful Tears
First Rap At End Of June, I Found It Fun And Amusing, Met New Friends On The Inc
Will My Life Improve Soon? Personally I Feel I'm Losing, Self Esteem Starts To Sink
I Played Football And Am Improving, Small And Skinny Fighting Those Older
Football Means Personal Pain Soothing, Feel Like Finney, Twisted And 'Sold-ya!'
Life Like Soccer Running Past Defenders, They're Obstacles Such As Death Or Split
Snarl As The Court Lets Off Sex Offenders, Hot Spits Like My Icy Breath Is Lit
I Met A Prodigy Named Flash, A Mentor In Cap, Star And Chopz With Great Advice
Bagz's Spits Continue To 'Lash', Odin Hot At Rap, Fluxx's Praise Aided Me Twice
Summer Burned Competition, Jinder The Joint Queen, In Awe Of A Girl Named Trubz
Sparx Showed No Inhibition, POC One Of The Hottest Seen, Focus Gave Killa Rubz
Me And Nial Chilled 'n' Owned, Chopz's Stories Stunning, Caps Punches Hard Hitting
Star So Good, Should Be Cloned, TTP Kept The U Running, Nick And Cap Outwitting
Two Pints Of Lager Topic With Nick, Still A Bit Mad, But Munch Makes Me Laugh!
I Been Involved In Two Big Clicks, Killa's Disses Sad, Less 'Game' Than Aftermath!

Minute after Minute,Hour after Hour//
Joy and Happines,pain and sour//
All this memories are my power//
All my life in this I devoured//

Siting down,thinking of the past years,memories come rushing trough my head,damn it’s the year 2007//
Memories come of friends I have lost,someone big someone small,I hope they are all ok up there in heaven//
Memories,flashes going through my head of my games,all I have won and lost,of my team mates//
Memories of me and my girlfriend,how were connected like one,I still remember every secound of our dates//
Memories from my fights,almost all I won but it hurted when I lost,I still have that battle scars//
Memories of me siting down infront of myTV spending slepples nights whatching NBA
wikend of AllStars//
Memories of how I ran from my clases,how I anoyed my teachers,didn’t know nothing when I was in school//
Memories of all the jokes we made,all the people we get punked,how we laughed on eachother for the day of AprilFool//
Memories of all the hours I spend with my pen and notebook,hour after hour writing and writing rhymes//
Memories of all the shit ive done,breaking the law,chased by the police,catched and beat up for my crimes//
Memories of all the bad shit and good stuff hapend in my life,from the best and worst but i continue to live in this times//
Memories of all that joy and fun,of all that we ate and drink,and the things we broke while we were celebreting all that New Years//
Memories of the pain from the love when we broke up,it was my fault,she didn’t stop crying she made a lake out of her tears//
Memories of my childhood,all I was thinking was to not get biten from vampire,that was my bigest fear//

Minute after Minute,Hour after Hour//
Joy and Happines,pain and sour//
All this memories are my power//
All my life in this I devoured//

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Uppin this!come on people!

01-02-2007, 02:58 PM
feed us 'non popular' ones

01-02-2007, 04:09 PM
feed us 'non popular' ones

lol...so I'll shut up...:p

was a nice track! I like your verse Sam, thx for the shout outs by the way. You like to see that you improved your multiz! Very good work! Your structure is perfect and your similes smart.

Flash, your structure is shit! work on it please! I like to see that you put some personal facts in it. Try to put more multiz in it!

keep up the work!

01-02-2007, 05:45 PM
Uppin This

01-02-2007, 05:57 PM
really good verse sam really good multis and good topic. Really enjoyed reading ya verse kept me interested and caught the flow easy.

flash good verse aswell jus needs more multis to catch the flow i think you should shorten your bars abit.

keep up

01-02-2007, 07:48 PM
tnx for the feed!

01-02-2007, 07:49 PM
tnx for the feed!