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So you ask, ?Where?s the torch?? We?re still holding it! We?re waiting for the real cats to pass it to. But I must say, the torch is passed to the South. I love the South. For instance, Usher. Usher is Hip-Hop, straight up and down! Why would I say that, ?cause in every single one of his videos, he?s poppin? and lockin? and breakin?. Missy Elliot, she got Rock Steady Crew in her video! That means she paid them, flew them out, and put ?em up in a hotel for her million dollar video, and once again promoted them to the world. You think I care if she got Timbaland or Dr. Dre producing? Missy Elliot gets the ultimate respect. Jay-Z is Hip-Hop. In one line [on ?Heart of the City?] he said he was taking back from n***as for what they did to the Cold Crush [Brothers]. In one line, he entered the Temple of Hip-Hop. That?s all we lookin? for! I got a torch, Herc got a torch, Bam got a torch, Nas got a torch. Pick a torch that you want, and try to get us to give it to you. But if you think you gonna challenge us, and make us wait outside, you gonna steal our lyrics, you gonna act like we don?t exist, and takin? over The Source magazine and XXL. I saw The ?New? Source got ?The Bible for Hip-Hop?, and you open the magazine and see nothin? but b***hes and hoes, God is gonna strike these mothaf**kas dead! They?ll never put KRS-One on their cover, even though I was the first one on their cover ? after Slick Rick, and paid for The Source to exist. I [taught the founders about] ?Music, Culture, Politics? but you won?t put me on the cover? That?s cool, I don?t need the cover ? our children do. God?ll strike you, not me. Mark these words. This is not a threat, this is a warning from a prophet in the culture!

AllHipHop.com: How will James Brown?s death affect Hip-Hop?

KRS-One: James Brown is the Grandfather of Hip-Hop, of course recognizing Kool Herc as the father. You?re talking to a 25 year theologian, and Christ is my s**t. Jesus is my s**t, that?s my n***a! [Laughs] This guy, James Brown, dying on Christmas is very symbolic. Dying on Christmas, we know God is looking at us! We established right here and now. According to Christian tradition, James Brown dying on Jesus? birthday means that Hip-Hop starts today. If you ask me, I think we should start Hip-Hop over on every Christmas. James Brown dying on Christmas, Lord have mercy! We have the opportunity, right now, to take Christmas [to share a federal holiday for Hip-Hop]. We can use federal law to our advantage. James Brown dying on Christmas Day means that for us, we don?t have to celebrate Christmas no more, that?s over! That ?White Christmas? bulls**t is over! Jesus wasn?t born on Christmas, we know that?s a lie now. Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of the Christ, much less gift-giving, commercialism, and consumerism. Now, Hip-Hop has a chance to reestablish what Christmas really about. Christmas is about the birth of the Christ within yourself. You celebrate Christmas and you don?t say, ?Jesus is born on this day,? ? the ancient reason is Christ is born in you! God is born in you for another year. James Brown passing on Christmas could mean the birth of Soul in you. He is the Godfather of Soul ? not Pop, not R&B, not Rock, not Blues, not Jazz ? Soul music!

best part of the interview right here, he got a bit carried away with james brown at the end lol.

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KRS liked Dave and Zno runnin The Source, thats whats up

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krs one is right,hip hop is not dead