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12-22-2006, 02:44 PM
no need to re-post rules we know em this is new cuz the old one got clogged.

I got Tissues 2 tear n squeeze-The scene is to “grizzly” its more than I can “bear”-to-see
Getting “physical” cuz U speaking heresy- Musta been high to think odins “On-track” for “Therapy”
I got too much “power” to be ‘arrogant” with the “Golden desert eagle”
In bed u like this battle~”cant get up” only time he “B-Coming” is listenin to Sigel
You need an “Understanding” of “how I do things” to a “verbal perfection”
A “front page” 40 year old virigin, couldnt “stomach the pussy” so he rides “C-section”
Casket leaves u “caged” when I write my verse on a bullet to leave “music in ya mind”
Leave ya jaw disaligned-in-ya-spine~ bullets merge brain tissue, blood, and mucus-combined
Chopped out his “eyez” with mauls-You couldnt "see my spitz" if you were "D'angelo Hall"
Tell em to “hang it up” every time Jesus calls-My clips stay “dispelling” “beef” like Taco Bell stalls
I got prophetic-spits-that constrict ya sarcophagus- To leave ya final resting in hospices
~Leave a organ donor on top-his-list-Im like a cop at McDonalds cuz only a bun can “top my spits”
My styles incognito-And fuck being untouchable I put “X-on-ya-men” like I was “magneto”
Against me you falling short like danny Devito- I couldn’t be exposed if I was Focus in a speedo
Maybe YUNG is unhappy cuz hes “missing the O”-make sure u “hear me RIGHT” im raps “Van Gough”
He’s drawing “blanks” like Taebo-Knife Leaves ya “meat showing” like “pee wee herman’ at a strip show

Im not talking about "asian Tsunamis" when im shaking your temples
Stop trying to write hard because all your breaking is lead pencils
You used to Diss Me Without Knowin Why? Blind Hate? You Faking-It-All,
Want Me To 'Jump To Your Level'? But My Ass Is Afraid Of The Fall
Algebra? I'm Subtracting-This-kid, Front As A Pimp? But Ya Acting-Is-Shit
Cause Animated Gifs Of Women Is 'The Only Fucking Action-You-Get
Written Rhymes? You rely on vocab and have no flow So Hop On, So My Cock Has Purpose
Cause Like Fresh Rain In A Desert, Each Of Ya MotherFuckin "Drops Is Worthless"
lyrically shank you thru your ventricles and like bad dentals,u wrong on all "fronts"
you need to let go of what you holding 'cause you don't belong on my nuts
your anorexic third world fucks need to beef up , feed on my pieces
or I'll gash both your feet off and leave only socks in your sneakers
Hang the seal blubber gloves up, it's the bareknuckle boxing show
Like Filming 'Saw' in the desert, it Sahara, its horror like hearing you audio
Witness the Old vs. New! Odin your carring out dead weight
I hope your wackness leaks into the internet like paris hilton sex tapes
Spit ya Lyrics? No, They've Been-Thrown-up! Played Out! Ya-Flowz-Junk,
U Come Weak and U-Dont-Punch, Ex-ILL? Ha! I Doubt U Were Ever-Dope-Once

12-22-2006, 02:46 PM

opener: yk(dont feel odins connects and lead pencils line is sick)
wordplays: Odin
metas/similes: tie

so tie
personalz: Odin
punches: tie
multiz: Odin
flow: yk found it easier
vocab: tie both used some
closer: yk(jus slightly better didnt like either that much)

TIE 1-1

Lil Sam:
Personals-Odin-Nial Had Some, But The Song Name Were Genius
Opener-Tie-Both Had Nice Openers
Closer-Kanon-Both OK, But Odin [Gough Dont Rhyme With Show]
Wordplay-Odin-Sick He Always Comes With Heat (Kanons was Heat Though)
Flow-Kanon, Defo Shorter Lines, Easier 2 Grasp It
Vocab-Tie, Both Didn't Have 2 Much This Time.
Multi-Odin-Sick Amount Of Multiz, Evrytime He Hot !
Metas/Similies-Odin JUST, Kanons Had Sick Amount Tho
Overall: Odin 6-4 Kanon

Odin Is Defo Top 3, So Dont Be Disheartened Kanon, Great Effort




yung Kanon
12-23-2006, 06:04 AM
upping peoples vote up

yung Kanon
12-23-2006, 08:24 AM

yung Kanon
12-23-2006, 10:14 AM
C'Mon peoples get some voting poppin this is the "battle" corner

Ttown MC
12-23-2006, 11:36 AM
Opener - YK ( Odins meta should give em this but kannon stepped up with his opener an showed a lot of skill with originality)

Wordplay - Odin (I think kons aobut the only perosn that could take odin in this cat. Hes real sick wit em)

Flow - YK (Odins is there but like most of odins drops the wordplay looses the flow for the raaders but still great verse by my man, kannons shorter lines an multies helpd a lot)

Multies - Tie (Cant say either had more then the other)

Personals - Odin (HE through some kannon track names in there an i didnt see really any from kannon)

Closer - Odin (With out a doubt sry kannon, the van gough line is by far the sickest shit ive read in a minute up in here....the pee wee hermon lines played out an old as shit but still works with he delivery)

Over All

Odin - 4/6
YK - 3/6

This was a real close one.kannon you been surprisein me lately i been peepin all your drops an youve shown the most growth outta the new cats on hhere id have to say...stay up bro. Odin shit was sick bro that van gough line still got me lol....good job to the both of you great battle.

12-23-2006, 12:33 PM
opener: Tie (both came with wordplays, Odin with multiz too and Kanon with a personal "shaking your temples" pointed to Odin's name)
closer: ODIN!!!!! (no doubt!)
multiz: Odin
wordplays: Odin ("In bed u like this battle~”cant get up” only time he “B-Coming” is listenin to Sigel" and "make sure u “hear me RIGHT” im raps “Van Gough”")
metas/similes: Odin (better quality! "Im like a cop at McDonalds cuz only a bun can “top my spits”" ROFL!!!)
flow: tie
vocab: tie
punches: Odin (the punches were very creative and every punch includes a wordplay or simile)
personalz: Kanon (just his name and his vocabs...nothing special in my eyes but more than Odin has)
creativity: Odin

Young Kanon: 4
OdinTheGod: 9

Vote for Odin!


12-23-2006, 12:57 PM
opener:Tie (although i loved Odins first line, the second wasnt as compelling, but in YKs the 1st line wasnt really workin, as Odin aint Asian, but it was a clever pun to it, so i had to give u a tie, as ur 2nd line was solid too)

closer: Odin (van gough line did it for me)

wordplay: Odin (odin had more, but i did appreciate YKs ideas like the line where he said asian temples and not wanting to fall to his level, lol)

personals: not many on either side, but got to go wit Odin, as he did use name of traks by YK.

punches: YK (def feelin his punches were stronger)

multis: Odin

flow: YK

structure: YK, both nuthing that great, but YK had a lil bit better.

i thot YK did really well for himself in this battle, proved himself, and give Odin some competition. n my final vote goes to...

Odin: 5
YK: 4

tight competition! for a moment i thot id given a tie, but Odin seems to have jus got in there, but i am well pleased YK wit ur abilty!

12-23-2006, 12:58 PM

Odin got it

12-23-2006, 01:39 PM
Thanks for the battle YK like everyone else saying tight competition and good to see these kinda battles for a change.
I really wanna apologize cuz i feel mad stupid about the recycled line, it was only half a bar but I have slipped up like that before and like i said from the start I wasnt gunna try and discredit you in this battle in anyway. You and lil sam def some rookie of the year candidates, thanks again for the battle and stay active battling cuz u gunna get some wins my brother

yung Kanon
12-23-2006, 01:44 PM
thanks odin, yeah each vote was tight apart from star's i didnt want to win on a stupid DQ because of half a bar recycled im gon get some more battling going fo sho good battle man

12-23-2006, 01:46 PM
for reral stick to it, if i was as good at battling as soon as you were id have alot more wins right now. It took me awhile to catch on to battling and you def ahead of me speed wise so keep practicing and battling and u only gunna get better.

yung Kanon
12-23-2006, 02:12 PM
yeah thanks you wanna see were im at check my newest drop :P