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12-12-2006, 06:27 PM
i love expressing different prespectives through poetry...this is nothing big just felt like typing, not a true story of me, but sadly to someone out there that feels there's no way out...enjoy, peace~

No You Cant Dislike Like As More Than Myself
My Very Own Habitual Disgust For My Wealth
I Speak The Thoughts Of The Mass And Get Paid
When It's People Everyday Speaking Truth And Got Aids
And Aint Even Affording Free Medicaid
So Follow Me Through This Concert Jungle
Hear The Poverty Beat And Smell The Gun Shoot Crumble
Picture The Kingpin Hustling Coke Sales
A Pregnant Teenage Worker Incarcerated With No Bail
Accompany Me Through The Land Of The Heartless
The Broken Glass In A Cockpit
Everybody's A Target, So Many Mothers Know Hardship
Look With Me Into The Cracked Out Buildings
Where Mothers Struggle To Raise New Born Children
Meet The Lad Who Dad's Shadow Made An Eclipse
Wonder With Her, Should She Blame Or Forgive
Stripping Fighting To Live And Brain's Angered At Him
Why Is It That She Cant Seem To Forgive Him
When His Semen Is The Reason She Living
Yet This Reason Didn’t Seem To Cease On His Pivot
The Devil's Breathing Placing Grief In Her Mission
She's Green And She's Limber, No Matter How She Acts Or Frolic
Weeps And Remembers, Being Raised By An Alcoholic
A Bastard Daughter, But Don’t Look At Her Any Different
It's Kind Of Hard Being Optimist..
When Your Hard On The Block And Tricking
Sex In Cars For A Pot To Piss In
Her Money's Gone Know The Plot Just Thickens
No Going Home Cause Her Mama's Sickened
With This Shit Here, She's Blaiming The System
Just Another Conviction, Justifying She's Victimed
We Need A Truce Man, Living Life Like Loose Men
Some Say On The Hoover Duece Tip
Lost Ones Crew Stricken, But Who Listens
Dummies Got Such High Esteem For Crucifixion
None Run To The One That Who Saved You
Guess The Only Way Out Is The Way Through

12-12-2006, 10:31 PM
Damn girl...your writing is on another level always has been.

Me i come from da heart and brain dats why ima bit sloppy, you take more time with it by da looks of dat but got damn i can't fucks with dat lol.

Two diff styles but i dont kno where u get all dat shit from, u must be real educated (u been in school and str8 into uni eva since ive known u) me i dropped out at 15 and neva learnt shit wen i was there lol, im jealous now


12-13-2006, 11:20 AM
nice stuff, talkin bout real ish, liked it

12-13-2006, 12:00 PM
props! Shit was deep girl! I really like it!

Nice how you show up the problems, feelings and the doubts.

12-14-2006, 07:12 PM
thanx all...loc check ur pms...peace~