View Full Version : Loc, Blackstars & Jinders (MSN CYPHER BATTLE)

12-12-2006, 05:27 PM
yeah man how real mcz do, as freestyle as u gon get! propz to black and jind, held thier weight word up.


aiite then, i got jinder and black, both my friends
we fina do sum freestylin, im typin wit my right hand
with a joint in da other, im on point in da summa
lookin plush in da humma with da 20inch rims
get plenty ins n skins wat eva scene i step in


Come on jinder, drop some lines
Or are you afriad to spit some rhymes
me not i will show you some skillz
even when loc is the king of the freestyle hillz


im writin a msg, with 'right' aggression
dats uk slang, isnt it? a lil bit, aiite im confessin
i dont no shit bout germany or uk
but you dont kno nuffin bout da NZ so nethin you say
holds no weight like belimic bitches
u barely hittin 1 bitch while im tag teamin bitches
got mad schemes fo riches boi ima stack large
ppl call loc a wigga, how u figga this guy wants 2 be a black star


and you want to be an OG MC? you're just a fake gangsta pussy
smoking joints, puffing weed, that shit is for kids, homie
that's why jinder can't spit and can't show you some love
cause you're shit and she have to laugh


me scared, nah i jus felt like bein double dared
i drop lines yall drop jaws, im fired up n no1s gonna be spared


You miteswell band together to try defeat me
you bunch of weaklings, hold ur tongue wen im speakin
catch u reachin fo my cookie jar u catch a beatin
like a drunk step dad, come step fag n get shut down
i culd give a Fuck, betta duck down i buck rounds
cut thru ya gut like tusks from an elephant
little ho's actin rebeliant, ima have 2 son em
wen u read my lies they makin u cry like an onion
Sticka Punk Wit Tha Xcalibre, Pimps Of My Caliber, Switch Bitches Every Month Like Swimsuit Calenders! says:


true, you lines are really shit between me and LoC
stay easy little girl, cause that's too much heat
more like Summer, I'm like ?uestlove the drummer
wearing an afro big like an hummer
yea ok, that was not very good I know, forgive me
I want that my lines bring you up like a lift, high speed
I'm growing like a seed, becoming a big tree, just for free
I'm clapping your ass constantly, and now, suck my *silence* jindy


why wuld i expect u too be good
wen my rhymes is mo hood in str8 gutta
i'll cut thru deze sukaz like a hot knife thru butta
go to ur parents crib tie up ur father in ur rape ur mother
a little harsh? well dats how it gots to be
you holdin cards pluffin fo money, me i got money like monopoly
all sorts off propities wit my homies choppin weed down
if dats kiddie shit, you dont kno tha bussiness take ur seat now


yo star dont mention ma name, usin it in yo lines to get a lil fame
im tha numba 1 bitch in this game, tha way u 1 try to copy is lame
LOC tha fool from NZ, raps like a chimpanzee
yall need to take it easy, dissin a chick yall sound so tuff n manly
Star u a slut, always actin flirty, ull neva get in this cut
both yall get lives, pay fo some1 to be yo wifes
messin wit me is like playn wit knifes


now dat she gone ur ass is history
kno u dont think u a pimp mc, all 3 kisses were to me!
speakin of dat ho' tellin me a rap like a chimpanzze
bitch chimps don't speak! , blackstar rap like a bitch pansy
same color as jinders lines, is da color of his panties

Haha and dat was it, jinder had to go 2 sleep, i think we gon have 1 with chopz now.:smokin:

12-12-2006, 05:47 PM

lol loc...always a pleasure to read u...peace~

12-12-2006, 06:12 PM
yea! that's what's up lol...all freestyle!

yall can come on MSN...holla at me or another dude and we can make a freestyle session!

12-12-2006, 06:32 PM
holy shit, trubs in da house? long time no convo girl!

1st time ive been on in ages this last week, and u neva cease to come outta no where and say hello lol.

Hows enzyme, hows skool goin, holla at me we'll catch up


12-12-2006, 07:16 PM
u shudda jus left ma bits out!
so many mistakes in mines aswell
awell was fun lol