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12-06-2006, 12:10 AM
[COLOR="[Bring the microphones that shit my gear,From your location to down over here.
Ya wannabe thug aint better than me,many and plenty sissy send me,those diss trying to end me.
But this real mc has been ressurected just like an zombie,Ya can try to copy,but yall still cocky
just like eminem yall still An clown under an doctor help,so fuck mc?naw bitch motherfuck yourself.
Ya clown better bow down,like it was prison time over an smack down,so stop Begging for an second round
Kid i aint fucking around,i know dj all over the town,Ya rap only get played when da volume aint even loud.
I can rap too here but also with an mouth,Im an Bird from the big bird house,from the dirty south
Go to church couse im scare?,no stupid i got for jesus,Ya girls tease us,couse they say yall have small penus
Loki we both at the west coast,so sucka let go,To the fucking studio,couse i dont need an angel for an miracle
Bet i could beat you,just let me go to sacramento,to defeat you like beating an video game level.
You an wannabe mc rapping trying to get an answer,but you an trick to everyone like an pole dancer.
I give you the rap cancer,no steroid no more,now you an little weak ass rapper,dawm what an disaster
dont mind my carrer im still the same,The same MC you ganna see in the game,over and over again
Sunny im no mafia but i keep it bossy,Im an street brown mc who do it all costy,ice cold like mr.snow man frosty.
You never accomplished,never finish the project to get it published,and you aint even busy on the gun shit.
Im an one of an kind mc with an mind to rhyme,And you an virgin bitch,that why your girl ass is still mine.
Kid you better regret what you really dissrespect,couse what you see is what you really ganna get.
Now about another wack mc,with some skill but still an lady not shady,and an racist brick who's hated mainly
Come on mayne stop the bullshit,You never pull an trig,never full an bullet clip,Not an piru or crip
not an 18 or 13 street gang,you an cheap man,an faggot allways holding an another dick dawm.
Your carrer is over the edge,now is time i push to the end,Homey il do it sunny way and stunt it with your girlfriend lol.
Im an Rap plunger,Couse i destroy the shit you put in hip hop under,And i make it rain and thunder
im an true mc who been royal and loyal,Ya backstabber rapper only been boil and used for money like oil.
Ya clown aint ever hyphy not ever rowdy,il get your girl to ride my dick like an cow girl make her say howdy.
This shit just to simble,il pop you off like ya pop your pimble,Leave you messed up like being cripple
From double to triple,il make it worsed,Like an fat guy at the olymbic On all of the course,fat ass like horse.
Lil MC is an true genieus,make some text,but dont know shit,if you havent heard me yet.
So my carrer is of the sky limit like an airline jet,I pull off your carrer when you on stress.
Now watch me make people get impressed,when i kill it with skill shit,rhyme more than all of the rap year of will smith.
Homey i aint nelly but im number UNO,And i bounce back like an stomach of an SUMO,yeah you know.
Who the real mc in the true story told,Bright shine like real Gold,I fight some hoe who on the microphone.
Im an Murderer like black child,you an lil mc with an wack style,Never had an chance like an crack child(no dissrespect to them babies)
Stay true and trill homey that the south law,you aint real like them,or real like the outlaw.
I do real Social work couse i do it for the hood,You work with BIG C but still under the wood.
Im like an kingpin,i cant be stop,dont worry about me i know how to do HIP HOP.

more diss going to audio since i knew them fool,not eminem,or loki,but still audio on them haters out there i knew..

more rap going soon in mio.1[/

12-06-2006, 12:12 AM
dude id give u feed, but that shit hurts my eyes, re-work ya structure, change the colour and dont underline ur shit

12-06-2006, 12:18 AM
dude id give u feed, but that shit hurts my eyes, re-work ya structure, change the colour and dont underline ur shit

lol.sorry it hurt mine too,i was just trying to make it look good as possible to read

12-06-2006, 12:22 AM
if yall confused of who im talking about,the one im dissing who name i dint mention that much are some fool i known,that being inmature,so any more of them,and il let yall hear my first audio battle text.PRO STudio,with mixed,and all so is definly an song to hear,not just any other rap

im talking about loki who dissed ja,not the loki who make platinum hits

12-06-2006, 07:09 PM
More battle rap coming soon

12-07-2006, 06:34 PM
send me audio

12-07-2006, 07:45 PM
will do audio if they come back and act hard like i started problem.
im aight with loki thought,but still an fan of jarule.