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12-04-2006, 11:00 PM
Whattup My Ninja? How Ya Been?
arite fam shits been ok hows the dirty south heat?

Wet Like A Motherfucker Down Here, Nothing But Sweat, And Now For Our Next Question; WHERE The Fuck Have You Been Home-Skillet?
workin like mad, still on school shit, dealing with family problems... but im back now

Lets Talk About Intelectuhell, Why Was It Never Completed?
lol lots of reasons... school was one of them, i picked a shitty time to start with with exams around the corner, plus i started working and then the fam (plus he'll b on mine), NA is gonna b putting out some of the craziest material so look out for it

WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ALBUM? (Which by The Way, Mr. Fli Assured Would Be A Classic, As All Other NA Solo Releases)
its in the works... being that we live in different time zones its difficult to discuss shit as a group but we talk as much as we can, the first single is actually complete (i tihnk) wer just waiting on Chopz to drop it, but thers gonna b stuff on here that will blow minds haha, and im not just saying it cuz its my click, i consider the majority of what we do recordable material

Now, Whats Your Situation? Will The Album Be Off CBM? NA? Both?
my album? i dono i havent actually discussed it with anyone outside of NA yet... i will probly b a joint release between CBM and NA and if Tek does come back possibly SONS also

Now, What Exactly Is SONS?
haha SONS is a name that Tek picked (Shittin On Niggaz Squads). its an ode to the 5th Element crew that me Dakota and Lil' Dapps started on ST... we eventually added Kon, Blizz (who some DR ppl kno), his girl Wicked Witch, my currently MIA protege J3, Mattson (Deeper shit then Jenna Jameisons pussy) and thats the roster that battled DR... right now the only ppl in SONS r Tek, Kon n Me

Hows That Relationship With Kon?
me and Kon r homies, we're the only ST rappers that actually stayed on DR after shit went down. i dono what this beef thing is with Cap, and its not really any of my business, or anyone else on the boards. But if he really thinks he got cheated out of a win in his battle with Cap then he should call him out and end this shit.

Does Sparx Have Any Beef? Anyone In Particular Annoying And Cocky? (Besides me)
not really, i deal with shit when i c it... ther are certain ppl i have no respect for, and most of that shit is well known, for the most part i dont bother with e-beef cuz thers really no point in it, i prefer friendly competition, but best believe i will smack the fuck out of anyone that comes at me for no reason, i just wouldnt get into the 300 reply diss tracks ppl seem to love

Now, Many Know But Not All, Your A Producer Care To Speak On It?
yea... i am an amateur producer, and i mean amateur... my beats r mediocre, i have a few nice ones but nothing really amazing. one of the reasons im workin is so i can buy better gear, and once that shit comes i would seriously consider putting out albums with members from the forum. i have an amazing ear for music, so i would sample shit that most ppl wouldnt and it would sound insane... plus i play the drums so they'll b tight off the bat haha. my current equipment is ass, so its very very limiting

How Much U Sellin' These Beats For?
anyone who wants them now can have 'em for cheap... lol im talking like a couple hundred bucks for exclusive rights and $50 if they just wanted to use a beat on a demo or a tape, but if anyone gets signed off my shit... i expect a fat ass check from the label lol. shits negotiable so get at me if ur interested

So, How Do You Veiw The Current State Of Hip Hop? (Both On BC And Real Life)
Battle corner is dead... but im not displeased with the content, thers room from w/e on MIO ppl do all sorts of stuff and i respect that... buuuuut real life hip hop is ass for me... i mean... i listen to a lot of older stuff, and the music i REALLY like is more underground. i mean... the only reason i still download albums is so i can hear the new beats by producers... lyrical content is getting more and more ass as time goes on...i heard Nas' new album yesterday (the advance, holla if u want it) and its good, Jays new album i like cuz i shows the evolution of him as an artist, hes not a thug anymore so hes not rapping about guns anymore its refreshing, but, games new album? toilet paper... Rick Ross? *toilets flushing*, i like Jeezy cuz hes entertaining, but he gets a big mutherfuckin "STEP YO GAME UP".... thats y i have so much confidence in NA and CBM and SONS, cuz we CAN ACTUALLY SPIT AND WE DONT HAVE A DEAL. all these other rappers use rap to get other things, movie deals, clothing lines... wtf happend to MUSIC AS AN ART? u want to kno y hip hop is dying? CUZ ITS ALL THE SAME HUSTLERS DREAM SHIT, now dont get me wrong, thats PART of hip hop and life, BUT its NOT all that ther is, so many issues havent even been scratched on the surface by rap artists... my album is gonna relflect this... lol just wait

Between You And MIO, Is The Nas Album Classic?
what i heard? parts of it, what i have is only 10 songs, most of which im sure wont even make the final cut, but im pleased (salam remi gave him a fuckin sick beat in Where Yall At btw)

So..........Classic? (Readers Note That Cap NEEDS A Classic This Year To Survive)
hahahah hmmm i dono... too hard to say... especially cuz I KNO that most of these songs wont make the final cut... ill just say that Nas is in very good form, its a definite possibility it could b a classic

*Does The Happy Negro Dance*, Now, What Do You Think Could Save The BC? Is It N.A.?
perhaps... i hope so lol, my goal with NA is to put out an album that makes everyone LOVE hip hop again... make them want to spit again, get shit poppin and inspire them to make classics of their own

And Most Of All, Want To Say The Line Again Cause The Shit Is So Potent, Now, Anything Else I Missed You Want To Speak On?
uh no i dont think so... o yea... all u fools, wrap ur tool... aids is a bitch

Cap - Grits
NA - God-like in our perfection of our craft
Kon - old school ST fam
Nick - Reepa lol
POC - Lucky Charms
Sam - i actually dono dude
Fluxx - A Don Is
Kannon - also dono dude
Sparx - Fli
Chopz - Writers football tackle... too intense to be just a block

Shout Outs?
NA, CBM/Com, Tek, Star, Summer n Jinder, Hi-Tek....

12-04-2006, 11:58 PM
nice interview.im interseted in beats,yes i have money,let me know more info like where to buy it.

12-05-2006, 03:17 PM
nice interview Sparx!
found out more about u, thanks fo tha shout out, its all love for ya boy!

12-05-2006, 03:40 PM
Sparx, new Mos Def soon!!!
Sparx, new Kweli in January!!!

Hip Hop is dead? naw..have to listen to the albums before I can say it! :D

oh and Game Theory by The Roots is dope as fuck!

your album will be dope!

thx for the shout out!

12-05-2006, 03:49 PM
wots calling me a reeeper all about?

12-05-2006, 04:27 PM
Nice Interview, Didnt know You Were Via To This, I'd Heard Of You And Knew You Were Big But Didn't Know Your Background.

12-05-2006, 04:53 PM
Sparx, new Mos Def soon!!!
Sparx, new Kweli in January!!!

Hip Hop is dead? naw..have to listen to the albums before I can say it! :D

oh and Game Theory by The Roots is dope as fuck!

your album will be dope!

thx for the shout out!

yea Star im really lookin forward to Mos' and Talib's new albums... they will definetly convince me to have faith in hip hop and YES Game Theory is amazing... the Roots are SO overlooked its not fair lol

Nick, Reepa... Reefa Reepa... everytime ppl mention u i tihnk about ur old screen name and when u dissed islam and Dakota and me had to diss you lol... fuckin DR... y did that shit have to shut down, not that MIO isnt bad but DR was home... o well

but yea... look out for my album, Star check ur pm's