View Full Version : Lil Sam Vs Nickolai - MSN Argument

12-03-2006, 07:20 AM
shaun - unaware: say waht you wanted to say then
(00:49) кαυкαѕιαη: huh
(00:49) Lil $am!: why you dissed me nick
(00:49) Lil $am!: go on///tell me
(00:49) кαυкαѕιαη: i have my reasons...
(00:49) Lil $am!: tell me these reasons
(00:50) Lil $am!: ...... ...... ...... ..... ..
(00:50) кαυкαѕιαη: have ur priorities rong way round
(00:51) Lil $am!: in what way?
(00:51) Lil $am!: u said i have shtty lps
(00:51) shaun - unaware: explain properlu insteada stupid comments nik
(00:51) shaun - unaware: cause i wanna know aswell
(00:51) Lil $am!: why??we were cool this morning. why change?? thought we friends??
(00:52) кαυкαѕιαη: who becomes someones 'protege' wen hes beefing wit ur 'leader' and ur LWM colleague
(00:53) Lil $am!: your not LWM
(00:53) Lil $am!: oh kanon
(00:53) Lil $am!: kanon even said 2 me its cool to be friends with cap, cos he good
(00:53) Lil $am!: me and kanon 2 good friends 2 let cap beef affect us
(00:53) Lil $am!: and explain your motives 4 sayin I have shitty LP's??
(00:54) shaun - unaware: i said it was the cap thing sam
(00:54) Lil $am!: i knew that
(00:54) Lil $am!: i dont care
(00:54) Lil $am!: Lil $am! says:
and explain your motives 4 sayin I have shitty LP's??
(00:54) Lil $am!: the balls in your court
(00:55) кαυкαѕιαη: i sed u can shove ur shitty LP
(00:55) Lil $am!: why???
(00:55) Lil $am!: whats wrong with it
(00:56) кαυкαѕιαη: dint say anythings rong wit it, dint say it as its shitty jus as in shitty LP
(00:56) Lil $am!: i take it im out of NR lmao???
(00:56) Lil $am!: so im proudly kicked out of NR records ??
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(00:57) кαυкαѕιαη: if ya like...
(00:57) Lil $am!: no, if YOU made the choice#
(00:57) Lil $am!: ...... .
(00:57) кαυкαѕιαη: well u sed proudly
(00:58) Lil $am!: i mean on your behalf
(00:58) Lil $am!: you'll be proud to dump my ass
(00:58) Lil $am!: so... ... .. ...
(00:59) кαυкαѕιαη: yh
(00:59) Lil $am!: good
(00:59) Lil $am!: you dickwipe
(00:59) shaun - unaware: lol what the fuck dickwipe
(00:59) Lil $am!: have fun with your 2 member NR
(01:00) Lil $am!: well it dont matter im gone...NR is sooo active, i mean, damn you got hoardes of artists bursting
(01:00) кαυкαѕιαη: dw i wil, cuz we have back bones
(01:00) Lil $am!: nickolai
(01:00) Lil $am!: your a racist prick
(01:00) Lil $am!: accept that, ok
(01:00) кαυкαѕιαη: haha
(01:00) Lil $am!: and your head is 2 big in both sense of the wod
(01:00) кαυкαѕιαη: u low life coward
(01:00) Lil $am!: word*
(01:01) кαυкαѕιαη: go take ur 13 yr old ass away from caps dick, starting toi smell
(01:01) Lil $am!: 14
(01:01) Lil $am!: *
(01:01) кαυкαѕιαη: w/e
(01:01) Lil $am!: go and racially abuse someone
(01:01) кαυкαѕιαη: ok i will
(01:01) Lil $am!: just cos you hate black people
(01:01) кαυкαѕιαη: jus popped out
(01:01) Lil $am!: racist prick
(01:01) кαυкαѕιαη: i hate back
(01:02) кαυкαѕιαη: *i hate black people
(01:02) кαυкαѕιαη: wtf r u on
(01:02) Lil $am!: u do, called cap a N word
(01:02) Lil $am!: cos you a racist bitch
(01:02) кαυкαѕιαη: my cousins are black
(01:02) кαυкαѕιαη: tupac is black
(01:02) Lil $am!: your cousins hate you, if they knew of your MIO hating theyd kill your ass/want u dead
(01:03) кαυкαѕιαη: haha i typed sumfing he called me
(01:03) кαυкαѕιαη: come to me wen u learn sumfing lil whining complaining eyebagz wannabe prick
(01:03) кαυкαѕιαη: ull never be him muhfukka
(01:03) Lil $am!: how am I eyebagz wanabee??
(01:03) Lil $am!: hes deep, im not
(01:03) Lil $am!: hes more personal
(01:03) Lil $am!: you'll never be cap, just cs you wanna be black like him and get jealous cos ya not.
(01:03) Lil $am!: so u racist to him
(01:03) кαυкαѕιαη: yh thats why u aint him
(01:04) кαυкαѕιαη: wtf y is my name kaukasian
(01:04) кαυкαѕιαη: do u even kno wot datmeans
(01:04) Lil $am!: can i ask
(01:04) кαυкαѕιαη: dumbass
(01:04) Lil $am!: why the fuck did you just dump me for no reason even though we meant 2 be friends??cos of cap...immature
(01:04) shaun - unaware: wait two seconds sams shit is nothing like mine only similar thing is he cant use commas like me.
(01:05) кαυкαѕιαη: far more dan that
(01:05) shaun - unaware: explain
(01:05) кαυкαѕιαη: all his 'lil' stories copying rs
(01:05) Lil $am!: if i was like eyebagz id be a far better emcee than I am, but the fact is Eyebagz is Eyebagz, there'll only ever be one Eyebagz
(01:05) Lil $am!: WHAT LITTLE STORIES
(01:05) кαυкαѕιαη: yh point exactly
(01:05) shaun - unaware: that was one drop lol
(01:06) shaun - unaware: i done lil billy
(01:06) кαυкαѕιαη: u wanna be eebagz but u neer will
(01:06) shaun - unaware: he did lil something
(01:06) Lil $am!: id had it in my head before bagz even did it
(01:06) кαυкαѕιαη: dats nice
(01:06) Lil $am!: Lil $am! says:
why the fuck did you just dump me for no reason even though we meant 2 be friends??cos of cap...immature
(01:06) Lil $am!: tell me that?why u change??
(01:06) Lil $am!: i thought we were vool
(01:06) Lil $am!: cool*
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: u can tlk about immature
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: u dnt fuck wit dat guy
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: if u do uve obv got no respect for me
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: obv then dnt care about shit
(01:07) Lil $am!: so what?? go and beef with chopz and POC thn, they do
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: so it dm if ur not does it
(01:07) кαυкαѕιαη: im coolwit chopz
(01:08) Lil $am!: and he cool with cap...like me
(01:08) кαυкαѕιαη: but he aint in da sme cru as me is he
(01:08) Lil $am!: so...u never fucked with me
(01:08) кαυкαѕιαη: wot u chttin
(01:08) Lil $am!: u never helped me
(01:08) Lil $am!: just ignored
(01:09) кαυкαѕιαη: cant help wen not aasked
(01:09) Lil $am!: then u diss me?? if youd have just told me you had a problem id have cleared the air
(01:09) Lil $am!: i didnt ask cap, chopz, POC
(01:09) кαυкαѕιαη: so u forgitten wen i was helping u wit similies,metaz and punches and wordplay
(01:09) Lil $am!: yep
(01:09) кαυкαѕιαη: well, fuck it
(01:09) Lil $am!: then u diss me?? if youd have just told me you had a problem id have cleared the air
(01:10) Lil $am!: you just wanted controversy in your interview
(01:10) кαυкαѕιαη: lol
(01:10) кαυкαѕιαη: dat must be it
(01:10) Lil $am!: you just wanted excuses to hate ne
(01:10) кαυкαѕιαη: i wanted the interview so i cud get shit of mah chest
(01:10) Lil $am!: why didnt you just say what you felt personally
(01:10) кαυкαѕιαη: why wud i want excuses
(01:11) Lil $am!: why didnt you just say what you felt personally

(01:11) Lil $am!: i never picked sides in beef
(01:11) Lil $am!: i always stayed neutral
(01:11) кαυкαѕιαη: u roll wit N.A mor dan N.R
(01:11) Lil $am!: your a 100% backstabber
(01:12) Lil $am!: no i dont, they take timr 2 talk 2 me
(01:12) кαυкαѕιαη: ur o% loyal
(01:12) Lil $am!: i dont have 2 just follow u into beef
(01:12) кαυкαѕιαη: well if u need help dork u shud ask, im not fucking pyshic
(01:12) кαυкαѕιαη: i dint say u hav to be involved but u dnt be cool wit dem
(01:12) Lil $am!: i roll with anybody who roll's with me
(01:12) Lil $am!: with THEM
(01:13) Lil $am!: who else u beefin with
(01:13) shaun - unaware: i never followed into any beef
(01:13) кαυкαѕιαη: and hes the one saying ur wack ass shit and etc, rolling homeboys innit
(01:13) Lil $am!: who???^^^
(01:13) кαυкαѕιαη: cap
(01:14) Lil $am!: look, im cool with cap, but we not like best buddies, like the odd convo a week
(01:14) Lil $am!: and you start crying
(01:15) кαυкαѕιαη: crying,hardly, pissed off yes
(01:15) кαυкαѕιαη: i mean u beefing wit star, wtf
(01:15) Lil $am!: he started it
(01:15) кαυкαѕιαη: did they get u to?
(01:15) Lil $am!: i never even collabed with N.A
(01:15) Lil $am!: blackstar just went psycho
(01:15) Lil $am!: we aint talkin bout him
(01:16) Lil $am!: u pissed off...
(01:16) Lil $am!: why...
(01:16) Lil $am!: i never said i prferred either of you
(01:16) кαυкαѕιαη: wot u tink
(01:16) Lil $am!: you just wish i beef with Cap
(01:17) кαυкαѕιαη: nah not rele
(01:17) shaun - unaware: i dont like seeing you to talk your obbsessed with fuckingbeef
(01:17) shaun - unaware: why does it actualy matter what some prick random place with a computer said
(01:17) Lil $am!: yeh nickolai
(01:18) кαυкαѕιαη: far from it
(01:18) кαυкαѕιαη: fed up more like
(01:18) Lil $am!: nickolaijealous
(01:18) кαυкαѕιαη: why u think i made up wit star
(01:18) shaun - unaware: it doesnt actually directly affect you so stop all this shit and write cause you love music not cause you wana argue with some cunt somehwere else in the world
(01:18) кαυкαѕιαη: and WKP
(01:18) Lil $am!: cos you had 2 backtrack on Nazi comments
(01:18) кαυкαѕιαη: did u even read the fuckig interview
(01:19) Lil $am!: yes
(01:19) Lil $am!: found 3 comments dissin me
(01:19) shaun - unaware: he said he was stupid with the star thing
(01:19) Lil $am!: cos he was
(01:19) shaun - unaware: atleast he admitted it
(01:20) Lil $am!: nial(kanon) was the 1 who asked if me/nick beefin, cos he was so taken aback by the comments
(01:20) shaun - unaware: i know a rapist saying yer i fucked her good and it was out of order dont make it better but oh well
(01:20) Lil $am!: exctly
(01:20) Lil $am!: Lil $am! says:
nial(kanon) was the 1 who asked if me/nick beefin, cos he was so taken aback by the comments

(01:20) кαυкαѕιαη: but i dint rape no1
(01:20) Lil $am!: i never even knew there even discontent.beef with me/nick
(01:21) Lil $am!: you probably did
(01:21) Lil $am!: Lil $am! says:
i never even knew there wz discontent.beef with me/nick
(01:21) кαυкαѕιαη: i never sed we ad eef
(01:21) кαυкαѕιαη: *had beef
(01:21) Lil $am!: well u called me ignorant, dissed my LP
(01:22) кαυкαѕιαη: no i did not diss ur lp
(01:22) кαυкαѕιαη: and yh u r ignorant
(01:22) Lil $am!: in what way??
(01:22) Lil $am!: .
(01:23) кαυкαѕιαη: in the way u dont kno shit about sum stuff
(01:23) Lil $am!: come on
(01:23) Lil $am!: well, so what
(01:23) Lil $am!: i never beefed or stared nuttin with you
(01:23) кαυкαѕιαη: i never beefed u
(01:23) Lil $am!: you were 2 dumb 2 tell me u felt mad
(01:24) Lil $am!: admit it ADMIT IT
(01:24) кαυкαѕιαη: im 2 dumb
(01:24) кαυкαѕιαη: yh sure
(01:24) Lil $am!: yeh, dumb or scared
(01:25) кαυкαѕιαη: scared, y the fuck wud i be scared? lyrically i cud destroy you
(01:25) кαυкαѕιαη: and im not dumb, i do wot i do
(01:25) Lil $am!: gud 4 you, so why not tell me
(01:25) Lil $am!: cos you wanted controversy
(01:26) кαυкαѕιαη: dnt u think it wud cause controversy even i jus say ur kicked out in a thread
(01:26) кαυкαѕιαη: either way it wud be
(01:27) Lil $am!: so why you acted the way u did instead of telling me your thoughts and me acting on them?
(01:27) :[кαυкαѕιαη:[ {[.....:::::ℓє2 ѕℓєω ∂єм & ℓє18:::::......]} ...Babyy Emzyy...(L)... is now Online
(01:27) кαυкαѕιαη: cuz i do wot i do
(01:27) кαυкαѕιαη: why u try to piss of odin
(01:27) Lil $am!: i didnt
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: why u create a thread dissing star
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: why u wana get banned
(01:28) Lil $am!: cos he an asshole
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: why u wana be bagz
(01:28) Lil $am!:
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: life is full of questions
(01:28) Lil $am!: why you racist
(01:28) Lil $am!: why you hate nazis
(01:28) Lil $am!: why you jealous of cap
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: cuz they racists
(01:28) shaun - unaware: cause bagz is the coolest cat on the block
(01:28) кαυкαѕιαη: not
(01:28) Lil $am!: why you scared of Bagz? i mean literally, terrifed
(01:29) кαυкαѕιαη: im scared of bagz wtf
(01:29) кαυкαѕιαη: how does that work out
(01:30) кαυкαѕιαη: ........
(01:30) Lil $am!: in many ways
(01:31) кαυкαѕιαη: explain
(01:31) Lil $am!: no
(01:31) Lil $am!: eyebagz told me not 2 involve him
(01:32) кαυкαѕιαη: yh sure
(01:32) кαυкαѕιαη: seems sum1 else is petrified
(01:33) Lil $am!: more respectful
(01:33) кαυкαѕιαη: oh meba wen u dissed him for having family trobles? wtf, who doesnt boy
(01:33) Lil $am!: what the hell? i never, ever dissed bagz
(01:33) Lil $am!: u liar
(01:34) Lil $am!: l
(01:34) Lil $am!: i
(01:34) Lil $am!: a
(01:34) Lil $am!: r
(01:35) You have just sent a Nudge!
(01:35) кαυкαѕιαη: after his drop
(01:35) кαυкαѕιαη: u sed the story was OTT
(01:35) кαυкαѕιαη: etc
(01:35) кαυкαѕιαη: its on pages
(01:35) Lil $am!: no i didnt
(01:36) Lil $am!: i never dissed it
(01:37) Lil $am!: sayin it OTT, i dont think i did, but if i did my opinion changed now I got 2 know him better, but I never remember it
(01:37) You have just sent a Nudge!
(01:39) Lil $am!: im off see ya bagz
(01:39) Lil $am!: fuck ya nick
(01:39) кαυкαѕιαη: ha
(01:39) кαυкαѕιαη: fuck ya life
(01:39) Lil $am!: fuck Emzzy lol
(01:39) Lil $am!:
(01:39) Lil $am!: kill all racists
(01:39) кαυкαѕιαη: yh like dats amazingly funny
(01:40) кαυкαѕιαη: see ur gun die den
(01:40) кαυкαѕιαη: all racists come from ur ends
(01:40) Lil $am!: ow am i racist
(01:40) shaun - unaware: bye people
(01:40) Lil $am!: ellaborate on me bein racist
(01:40) shaun - unaware: eyebagz needs his sleep to remove these filthy eyebagz
(01:40) кαυкαѕιαη: fuck u want it wit da Midlands Mafia
(01:40) Lil $am!:
(01:40) Lil $am!: u have no mafia
(01:40) shaun - unaware: hope you settle ya differnces and make pleasent anal intercourse
(01:40) Lil $am!: e-thug

yung Kanon
12-03-2006, 07:35 AM
i gotz one word fo dis thread "DAMN" amazing read though

12-03-2006, 07:36 AM

(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: like the fuck u wan kno
(01:41) Lil $am!: e-gangbangin
(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: shottingham,derby,brimingham,leicester
(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: yh it must be
(01:41) Lil $am!: ooooooo
(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: did i say i was guna killa u??
(01:41) Lil $am!: fake ass thug
(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: did i say i was guna trak u down??
(01:41) кαυкαѕιαη: fuck u kno
(01:42) Lil $am!: internet killllllllla
(01:42) кαυкαѕιαη: wen the fuck u ever gotten into deep shit
(01:42) Lil $am!: only deep shit u been in is sum1s ass
(01:42) кαυкαѕιαη: keep ur lil shitass comments to yaself
(01:42) Lil $am!: ok
(01:42) Lil $am!: you keep ya dick 2 yoursel
(01:42) Lil $am!: moron
(01:42) Lil $am!: fuck you/u ganng/NR
(01:42) кαυкαѕιαη: haha
(01:42) кαυкαѕιαη: thats gr8
(01:43) Lil $am!: ps-the gitl in ya pic sukd my dick and is a serial whore
(01:43) кαυкαѕιαη: but ya kno killa4Hire cud end ya lil fake career wit 1 bar
(01:43) Lil $am!: guud 4 him
(01:43) кαυкαѕιαη: how pathetic
(01:43) Lil $am!: i no, just rynna wind u up
(01:43) кαυкαѕιαη: act like a man seriously
(01:43) Lil $am!: fine i be a mab
(01:43) Lil $am!: fuck you
(01:44) кαυкαѕιαη: thx
(01:44) Lil $am!: we dont fuck with racits where im from
(01:44) кαυкαѕιαη: lol
(01:44) кαυкαѕιαη: ur full of dem
(01:44) кαυкαѕιαη: i aint a acist
(01:44) кαυкαѕιαη: go on tell me why i sm
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: were saying yaself u contsdicting bitch i werent
(01:45) Lil $am!: cap=N word, Star Nazi
(01:45) Lil $am!: you said it all
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: how was i nazi to star?
(01:45) Lil $am!: you called Star a Nazi german hitler
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: i dissed nazis cuz hes german
(01:45) Lil $am!: you called him Hitler
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: hows dat racist
(01:45) Lil $am!: i had 2 apologise on your behalf
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: hes not eve white
(01:45) кαυкαѕιαη: i apologised myself
(01:46) Lil $am!: i apologised b4 your ass did
(01:46) кαυкαѕιαη: if i was guna aplogise i'll say it mahself
(01:46) Lil $am!: well i knew youd upset him
(01:46) Lil $am!: go and racially abuse something
(01:46) Lil $am!: peace
(01:46) Lil $am!: 1
(01:46) кαυкαѕιαη: hha
(01:47) Lil $am!: hha wtf
(01:47) кαυкαѕιαη: god, ur too dumb to even have a sophisticated conversation
(01:47) Lil $am!: no, i tried
(01:48) Lil $am!: and you just count keep cap out ya mouth
(01:48) Lil $am!: same with every of ya raps
(01:48) кαυкαѕιαη: mentioned him like once
(01:48) Lil $am!: per bar
(01:48) кαυкαѕιαη: i have only mentined cap in my diss traks, none else
(01:48) кαυкαѕιαη: dumbass
(01:48) Lil $am!: ok, 1 of you 20mill disses
(01:48) кαυкαѕιαη: u cant stop beefing u
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: cloak
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: star
(01:49) Lil $am!: you started allllllllll of this
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: lil latin
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: cap
(01:49) Lil $am!: star and me had no beef
(01:49) Lil $am!: just disagreement
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: yh sure
(01:49) Lil $am!: you had cap, star, lil latin
(01:49) Lil $am!: the same
(01:49) Lil $am!: yeh, beef involves diss track, none @ STAR
(01:49) кαυкαѕιαη: i dissed lil latin cuz he dissed u dumbass
(01:49) Lil $am!: W/E
(01:50) кαυкαѕιαη: fuck u str8 up
(01:50) Lil $am!: u started it by hatin on me in your intervew, i was happy being friends, but oh wel
(01:50) кαυкαѕιαη: wtf u tlking bout now
(01:50) Lil $am!: you started our beef by disisng me unjustifiably
(01:51) Lil $am!: i never had ill feeling
(01:51) Lil $am!: until today
(01:51) Lil $am!: so all this is on your asssss boi
(01:51) кαυкαѕιαη: there is no beef
(01:51) кαυкαѕιαη: to u maybe
(01:51) Lil $am!: theres an argument
(01:52) Lil $am!: you kicked me out of NR effectively
(01:52) Lil $am!: when i never said nowt ill bout you...ever
(01:52) кαυкαѕιαη: yh i kno, i did do it
(01:52) кαυкαѕιαη: oh yh u did
(01:52) кαυкαѕιαη: jus luk at the start f the convo
(01:53) Lil $am!: no you dissed me in interview...that was the start
(01:53) You have just sent a Nudge!
(01:53) кαυкαѕιαη: where i diss u then
(01:53) Lil $am!: called me ignorant, shitty LP
(01:54) Lil $am!: commented unneccesarily on star thing
(01:54) Lil $am!: in my interview....no bad bout you
(01:54) кαυкαѕιαη: calling u ignorant hardly dising u
(01:54) Lil $am!: shitty ;[
(01:54) Lil $am!: LP*
(01:54) кαυкαѕιαη: i epeat REPEAT i did not diss ur LP
(01:54) Lil $am!: well why say shitty LP then,
(01:55) кαυкαѕιαη: i dnt give a fuck about it
(01:55) кαυкαѕιαη: y shud i
(01:55) кαυкαѕιαη: it aint an NR Production
(01:55) Lil $am!: nd u give kanon propz in the same interview(he my partner as well), u musta pre medidated ya ill will towards me
(01:55) Lil $am!: it was gonna be
(01:55) Lil $am!: just an albim with help from all friends
(01:56) кαυкαѕιαη: mite aswell be on N.A
(01:56) Lil $am!: no cos i never worked on soongs with them
(01:56) Lil $am!: so stop ya lyin
(01:57) Lil $am!: you just wanted interest in ya cos nobody paying ya attention
(01:57) кαυкαѕιαη: haha
(01:57) кαυкαѕιαη: dats why im helping TTownMC make his comeback
(01:57) Lil $am!: ok have fun
(01:58) Lil $am!: hater x10
(01:58) Lil $am!: ditchin me 4 no reason
(01:58) кαυкαѕιαη: haha
(01:58) кαυкαѕιαη: im a real hater arent i
(01:58) Lil $am!: yep
(01:58) Lil $am!: cos you just jealous cos i talk 2 cap
(01:58) кαυкαѕιαη: wtf wots dere to be jeaus of?
(01:59) Lil $am!: i duno, but u obviously took it personally
(01:59) кαυкαѕιαη: corse i did
(01:59) Lil $am!: yep, u started whinging
(01:59) кαυкαѕιαη: my crew member is hopping dicks wit da enemy
(02:00) кαυкαѕιαη: i did not whine, i sed wot i sed cuz i do wot i do
(02:00) кαυкαѕιαη: dint whine
(02:00) кαυкαѕιαη: dint call no1 a back stabber unlike sum1
(02:00) Lil $am!: why didnt u kick me out wen i first started wid cap
(02:00) кαυкαѕιαη: cuz u werent his 'protege' then and i fort it wud blow over
(02:01) Lil $am!: i was
(02:01) Lil $am!: i aint much of his protege now
(02:01) Lil $am!: we just cool and he helpin me
(02:01) кαυкαѕιαη: like he gon help u
(02:01) Lil $am!: well he is atm
(02:01) кαυкαѕιαη: ur dumb
(02:01) Lil $am!: ur dumb
(02:01) кαυкαѕιαη: dont u get it
(02:02) Lil $am!: get what>
(02:02) кαυкαѕιαη: u obv aint read shit like machiavelli
(02:02) кαυкαѕιαη: its all a psychological tng
(02:02) кαυкαѕιαη: *ting
(02:02) Lil $am!: explain more
(02:03) кαυкαѕιαη: u are/were in my crew and im beefing wit him
(02:03) кαυкαѕιαη: he then gets al friendly wit u which is obv gon piss me off
(02:03) кαυкαѕιαη: talking about protegesetc
(02:03) Lil $am!: i was the 1 who offerere 2 stop beefin with cap
(02:03) Lil $am!: not him
(02:03) Lil $am!: i PM'd him
(02:03) кαυкαѕιαη: yh but deres a diff
(02:04) кαυкαѕιαη: between ending beef and being m8s
(02:04) кαυкαѕιαη: i mean u can end beef but stil dislike them
(02:04) Lil $am!: well, w/e, even if he is fakin I aint fuckin with you ever, couldnt even talk 2 me
(02:04) кαυкαѕιαη: gr8
(02:05) кαυкαѕιαη: i never wanted to fuck u anyways, i aint like dat
(02:05) Lil $am!: wot u mean
(02:05) кαυкαѕιαη: i aint homo
(02:05) Lil $am!: wow

12-03-2006, 08:42 AM
ROFLAMFO...:pop: :blahblah:

Summer, Odin can someone move this topic in the Comedy section? This is far away from the BC...

12-03-2006, 08:45 AM
It's funny to see how seriously some people take things like Net-Crews... Or E-Beefs...

POC Was Here
12-03-2006, 10:09 AM
01:42) Lil $am!: only deep shit u been in is sum1s ass

That Had Me Fucking Dying, Hilarious!

yung Kanon
12-03-2006, 10:35 AM
i think this thread should be deleted

POC Was Here
12-03-2006, 10:49 AM
i think this thread should be deleted

Nah It Shouldn't, It May Not Seem Like It But This Thread Has Relevance To The Battle Corner As It Explains The Reason Behind Sam And Nick Parting Ways.

Oh, And Does Remind Anybody Of The Whole 50/Game Thing...... Sam Getting Kicked Out Cause He Was Cool With People Nick Doesn't Like Lol.

yung Kanon
12-03-2006, 11:17 AM
I aint no g-unit member

12-04-2006, 05:32 AM
lol guys chill! any way! i dont know what to say!

12-04-2006, 05:38 AM

(01:22) кαυкαѕιαη: and yh u r ignorant
(01:22) Lil $am!: in what way??
(01:22) Lil $am!: .
(01:23) кαυкαѕιαη: in the way u dont kno shit about sum stuff
holy fuck... my head hurts... Nick that was the most vague statement in the history of man... this thread should be deleted for stupidity...

ur both KIDS u dont kno wtf DEEP SHIT IS! GROW THE FUCK UP! BOTH OF U! i sound like ur fucking mother but u 2 act ur fucking age, not ur shoe size... this is the internet

12-04-2006, 08:53 AM
This never should have happened.. Didn't your Mothers ever tell you "If you can't say anything nice do not say anything at all??"

Lol..... Just playing.. Relevent: Yes. Stupid As Hell: Yes.

12-04-2006, 10:56 AM
why dont chall just steal eachothers diaries and take the time to photo copy the pages and then post em up on here?

12-04-2006, 10:57 AM
Hehe Funny... Not

12-04-2006, 10:57 AM
why dont chall just steal eachothers diaries and take the time to photo copy the pages and then post em up on here?

why don't you close this thread Odin :P

yung Kanon
12-04-2006, 12:17 PM
ye mayb this needs to be closed

12-04-2006, 01:09 PM
00:59) Lil $am!: you dickwipe
(00:59) shaun - unaware: lol what the fuck dickwipe

^jus too funny u guys!

i guess i should close it if so many ppl wanna close it, besides that way it can be read but not replied too... is that a gud idea u guys? i aint seen Lilsams opinion, but if anyone has a problem, jus holla at one of ur mods n well get at it!